PS4 guitar and USB bluetooth - anyone got it working?

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Hey all - I'm looking to get in touch with ANYONE who runs the following combo with success:
* USB bluetooth dongle
* PS4 guitar
* Win 8.1

I'd love to compare notes, and try to work out what's working for you and not for me.
If I get it working I may even be excited enough to shout you a game on Steam or something!

[ED] Got this working in the end... it involved upgrading to Win10. Apparently the Jaguar guitar won't connect to Win 8.1


  • I have a similar setup. using ps4 guitar with bluetooth dongle but I have windows 10 and the only way i can get the game to even start is running it in compatibility mode for windows 8.
  • Okay, so, like, this is super frustrating. A few others here have posted about this, but we do need an answer fairly soon on the bluetooth pairing problem. I can't get my PS4 guitar to be recognized by the Bluetooth on my computer.

    Also, the touch mount is annoying as hell. Keeps falling off. I'm sending this thing back if we can't get an answer soon.
  • I have the PS4 guitar and USB Bluetooth dongle, but on Windows 7. I had a lot of trouble getting it to pair. Guitar would blink red/blue, I would choose 'Add device' from the bluetooth icon on the taskbar, it would show the MadKatz guitar, then I'd click ok and it would say it was "paired", but the guitar would continue to blink red/blue.

    During pairing, you might have the option to pair with a code or without one. Counter-intuitively, choose 'with code', and then enter 0000 for the code. I repeated this literally around 20 times and then finally it worked. Once it paired successfully, every time afterwards I can just turn on the guitar and it pairs immediately. Hope that helps!
  • Regarding the touch mount, I agree it's annoying. It was falling off within a half hour of play. The problem is the tape supports the complete weight of the touch controller, and it isn't strong enough. Today I found an ingenious and simple fix:

    After mounting the touch controller on the guitar, loop the hand strap over the head stock of the guitar, past the touch controller itself, until it is past the lowest tuning peg. On the backside of the guitar, the strap should pass between the touch mount and the side trigger button. Now pull the strap tight. In this manner, the strap helps to support the weight of the touch controller, and combined with the tape, it seems to stay put.
  • Is there any updates on this? I recently got my guitar in and obviously going with PS4 over the Xbox one version was a terrible idea because the bluetooth connectivity is garbage.
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