Endless searching with Xperia Z5 Compact

Hi everyone.

Trying to get the DropMix board to work. Just endless searching to get... nothing :(
Sure, my Xperia Z5 compact is not in the Android phone list but this list is so short.
What's the problem with Harmonix implementation of the Bluetooth technology?

If anyone has an idea! Thanks :)


  • Sorry, it worked after I pushed 'reset'. Not the first time, but the second. Weird but okay :)
  • My phone is having problems linking to DropMix, but it also has problems with a few other items I have tried to link to it.

    -Gear VR
    -Ring video doorbell

    I didn't even know there was a list of supported phones! I'll search for that, and make sure mine is one it [or maybe an old phone that still work in WiFi mode], and I'll try that reset button trick.
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