Megaman 11 Discussion Thread

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One of my favorite video game series from my childhood, Mega Man, will be getting it's 11th entry in the Classic Era series. Hearing this made me happy and excited for the new generation. :D

Confirmed to be in the game...

- Dr.Wily is the main villain, again.
- The Mega-Buster
- Bolts (Which would be used for currency to buy stuff like E-Tanks)
- E-Tanks
- Rush
- Those enemies from Guts Man stage that throws the pickaxes at you.
- NEW WEAPON: A weapon in which Mega Man summons blocks of blue bricks to crush enemies. Mega Man gets a Light Blue and White Coloring when using this weapon. The robot master who uses the weapon looks like a cross between Cold Man and Aqua Man (No, not that Aqua Man, the Robot Master from Megaman 8).
- NEW ABILITY: Mega Man can use this power that looks like the Classic Era's answer to the Nova Strike. He gains a new form that is very similar to Megaman Geo.

I'm so looking forward to the release of this game, next year, as well as Kingdom Hearts III. And seeing Megaman 11 gives me hope for new Megaman games in the future. :)

Now, if only they can bring Megaman X9...

EDIT: Hear's the Trailer Video for Megaman 11.


  • I've added the Trailer Video for Megaman 11, for your viewing pleasure.
  • DrowGamer77DrowGamer77 Serious Business
    glad they made the jump to PS1 era graphics instead of retro 80s sprites
  • The only Megaman game I have played is Mega Man Battle Network 4 which I won from a KidsWB contest

    maybe I will try out a main series game when Megaman 11 comes out
  • I'm actually more excited that they are releasing x1-8, I love the x series
  • Never played a Megaman game, but I thought they already released the 11th one last year... (/s, in case it wasn't obvious).
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    razor63 said:

    Never played a Megaman game, but I thought they already released the 11th one last year... (/s, in case it wasn't obvious).

    No, they didn't released a new Megaman game last year. They haven't released one since Megaman 10's release.

    You must be thinking of the ripoff game, Mighty No.9.

    EDIT: Oh, I thought you were being serious. I had no idea it was a sarcastic, statement. I guess that what I get when I let my brain win. Woah-oh-oh-ooh-oh. :p
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    ...I take it you either didn't see or are not familiar with "/s", then. It was sarcasm, heh.

    EDIT: Heh, it's all cool. I wouldn't actually confuse Mighty No. 9 for an actual game, one made by people with talent and/or integrity.
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