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  • I haven't played in forever, until last night. This game continues to amaze me, with regular free updates still going on years after the initial release.
    Thanks @Witticus and @Dadasaurus Rex for taking me for a ride in the rocket car and recruiting me for a few profitable missions!
  • The new updates have been stellar the last 3 months. The source/export mode is awesome. I have been having a blast. Glad you played with us. Join us anytime for fun and mayhem.
  • I like the constant free updates, not bashing that. But i wish they'd bring us more missions and not in the form of heist (those were awful..too many trolls ruined them instantly).
    I'd be cool for them to tag on a co-op story-like mode into online where it's just you and one other person doing missions that follow a story. Pretty sure red dead redemption had something like this, or close to it.
    They could even tag on achievements/trophies to bring those crowds in.

    I had to uninstall this game awhile back though (my ps4 is constantly full.. buy lots of new lol), but just waiting for an update that blows my mind to reinstall it. It's a huge file.

    Guess i'll get back to clearing backlog lol.
  • What's cool about the CEO stuff is it feels like awesome missions without having to wait for a mission start and rejoining. They've made the free mode so much better. Only problem is if you don't know how to glitch the system, you end up in public matches that take the fun out of everything.

    Strangely enough they have added some of the best missions ever in this update, problem is they're hidden behind the CEO vehicle heist options. I just want them to stop hiding their missions in contrived places.
  • I've been loving the import/export jobs as well. Quite profitable for the CEOs. It's kind of fun being able to call the shots and having a player dole out missions rather than the game. And those 20 car CEO garages? Oh boy are they great! Especially with your own Benny's garage in them. I wouldn't have gotten them if it wasn't for the new influx of money hackers.

    I would totally love more contact missions too! They're far and away my favorite game mode. The heists are fun if you have a 4 person group willing to work together, but without that it's hardly worth the time.
  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! New customizable aircraft!?! Stuff blowing up! Loud noises!
  • WitticusWitticus VERY DEEP
    Our crop dusters will block out the sun!!!
  • I hardly recognize the game these days.

    The old stuff is all still there, if you want to play the old way. I guess it's never going to be the same as it was if you are just roaming around online, never signing up for missions / races / activities, as new modes pop up automatically all of the time. Like it or not! Is that a bad thing? Probably not.
    And most of the new stuff is absolutely worth trying.
    Are play lists new? Linking a bunch of activities (races / death matches / parachute challenges / etc.) into a big block of GTA Olympics turned out to be mighty fun. I even won a few of the events!
  • WitticusWitticus VERY DEEP
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    It is different and I just enjoy the old simple joy of it. Like having to buy an expensive offices and vehicles just to be able to play new content is just frustrating and gatekeeping.
  • I like saving up for stuff the old-fashioned way, by playing several hours of missions, never buying shark cards.
    I'm getting the impression none of the new stuff can be purchased without SERIOUS grinding (or using actual cash). OK, then I guess I won't buy it.

    It is a bit frustrating to see how they've set it up that way on purpose. In an ideal world they could still make an insane profit from just a few seriously impatient players.
  • Don’t get me wrong, I adore the fact that they still add new and wonderful content 4 years on, just the systems for doing some of this stuff is beyond convoluted. For instance, you can have a biker gang or a crime syndicate. But you can only do certain activities with one or the other, so its confusing knowing which activities you want to do and knowing if you bought the right items for it...

    Heists were the most elaborate at the time. It was simple enough, buy an apartment and run heists out of it. But with the gun running update here is what you need to do.

    Buy an office

    Buy a bunker

    Buy a mobile operations center

    Then you can play. Really is a sheer multitude of insane expenses just to play the new missions, like f*** really!? Then they expect you to do complicated and expensive tasks in a public lobby full of people who have no other joy in life other than making other players miserable.
  • I just want to be able to operate a 360 degree gun turret in a plane. I don't even have to own it!
    Yeah, I never even got all of the heists completed, I seriously doubt I'll ever become a gun runner.
  • I've been training up my secondary character ("Splenda") so that she can go on buddy cop adventures with @Lawdog1521 upon his return.

    I figure he might not get internet again until GTA6 comes out, but maybe they will let me transfer the stats from Splenda into the new game
  • I went back to the game months ago and just couldn't bring myself to enjoy it anymore. I never played in public online rooms as I cannot stand trolls/idiots so I would always play with friends and even with them it just felt repulsive how much they wanted for some of the new stuff. Heist got old really quick that day too, way too many trolls and people who must have never played the game in there life. You cannot run and gun the entire time people! LOL! This isn't call of duty...

    I will say that we got a group of friends together to mess around in the Slasher mode and it cracked us up but after awhile that got tedious so we quit.

    Not sure i'll ever go back now. They'd have to add some large expansion with trophies for me to be interested. I deleted it off my hard drive because I tend to buy new stuff frequently and this game is HUGE.
  • It's far less fun if you don't have the right people to play with. I assume you are on Xbox?
  • It's far less fun if you don't have the right people to play with. I assume you are on Xbox?

    No PSN. But even that doesn't really save the game for me . It's just too much of a grind to get anything you want. Like several days to unlock one item is a bit much. Which I know why they did it this way, they want you to just get sick of grinding and buy cash cards which is how most people did/do it.. or they hack.
  • I totally agree on the "it takes to long to grind out enough $ to get the cool new items" part. And on the "playing with random strangers is usually annoying" part. Also on the "WOW does the installation take up a lot of hard drive space" part.

    Doing missions with friends, I'll only do that sporadically these days, but it turns out I still have a blast trying them out. Even the competitive events where I am badly overmatched, breaking things into teams gives me a chance to contribute or at least to be on the winning team despite flailing badly. Hooray!

    Not fun for you? TOTALLY understand. There are so many other titles to try, no reason to bother with any that you've written off.
  • We played till like 4am the other night off of all the playlists I put together. Despite coming in last every single gametype, I had a great time. Best had to be Sumo where I got knocked over the edge multiple times but crawlled my way back. Everyone was freaking out over my near deaths and it was incredible.

    Adversary modes are freaking great and best part is they’re pure gameplay with no grind.
  • Until now I didn't know there was a term for this type of model, and that it was becoming commonplace. "Games as a service". It should have been obvious, right in front of our eyes, clearly Rock Band is using a similar model. Because of its unique relationship with DLC (more every week, for years), it's actually one of the pioneers, in a way. And adding "Rivals" a year later fits this model as well
  • Has anyone tried the Transform races yet?
  • Yes. Very fun. I enjoy the grinding myself....try new ways of beating missions and supply runs. It is however much more fun, on a totally different level with a good bunch. Which we have. Also share all the toys and stuff which makes it way more fun for the casual crew members.
  • It wasn't always the case that you were required to grind for weeks OR pay a significant amount of cash in order to buy the newest vehicles / in-game toys. How much in-game money is needed to buy a bunker and hanger and start up a gun-running syndicate?

    Yeah, you can still play the game without paying money / grinding, if you just ignore all of the new aircraft and assault vehicles. It's not that different than the new Star Wars game, though. Just accept that you'll never get to play as Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader, you can still play the game.

    I accept that's how "freemium" games work. Eventually I'll accept that $60 games work this way now too.
  • Holy s*** GTAV has lost its damn mind!

    New Heist called the Doomsday Heist which looks exactly like Fast & Furious movie.

    Jetpacks, more retro flying cars, and a bunch of stuff I'm not sure is in the game to play with or just a mission.
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    I imagine this will be like other heists, where it will cost GTA$ to start up, but will pay out well (or REALLY well) if you play the entire series of challenges. And that you'll get to play with the fun new toys during the heist (depending on which team you are on), but you'll have to pay a boatload of GTA$ (earned with massive grinding and / or by spending real $) to own them in the open sandbox of online play. There may even be additional requirements before you can own this stuff, like owing a bunker, or maybe they will make you buy yet another property.

    I used to love the GTA V "new free content every 4-6 months" model, but I've become pretty frustrated by it, I could easily imagine turning against it completely if they continue to add new property requirements. At least I know people with lots of property + GTA$, the game would have long ago become pointless without that.
  • But that is one hell of a trailer
  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    I forbid you all from playing it till I get back. Forbid!
  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    Back to the Future DeLoreans!
  • I forbid you all from playing it till I get back. Forbid!

    You had your standard 1 year grace period!

    We'll stream it on Twitch so you can watch us all having fun.
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