Dropmix: On Sale at Amazon.ca

Hey, just a heads-up to all of you Canadians interested in getting into Dropmix:

Amazon currently has Dropmix selling at $64.97, 50% off its list price of $129.99.

I picked it up, but shipped it home (currently away at school) so won't get to try it for almost a month. Really looking forward to breaking it out with the family at Christmas though!


  • Man, I can't believe I missed this by just a couple days!

    I just ordered it at 20$ off, which is still awesome. I can't believe I hadn't heard of this game until this AM.

    The question that led me here: Where would you buy the Discover packs and theme packs in Canada? Amazon is doing blind draw for the Discover packs, and the other packs seem way marked up. 60$+ for the electronic pack is a bit ridiculous.
  • I don't have any answers regarding any packs in Canada, wondering about that myself.

    But for anyone who hasn't bought it: back down to $79.97. Price keeps fluctuating, so hold out for a deal!
  • Everywhere we've asked it's either "never heard of it" or "we never got a stock", EXCEPT at toys'r'us which had everything but Astro on sale and said nobody had been buying it. So weird.

    Try toys'r'us, maybe. :)
  • Okay, that's a good tip, I will!
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