RockBand doesn't start anymore

edited October 2017 in Rock Band VR
Got following message:

"Sorry, something went wrong. We will try to fix it.. (OVR75318303) Package harmony-rockband-vr (ready) Failed to launch app. (1971014)"

Someone? Suggests??
Just purchased the new songs - can't play :'(


  • I am experiencing the exact same issue. Just downloaded some of the new songs and RBVR won't load: same message as above.
  • Meantime I solved the problem by deinstalling and installing again. But my career is gone...
  • We’re going to have to stop meeting like this. Also resolved by de and re-installing. Annoying due to my rubbish internet speed.
  • Now again. After purchasing another DLC the error is back. Going to deinstall again.

    This is annoying. Hey Harmonix, are you here? Is there anything called "support" in this funny company? Owl?
    Good Grief...
  • this **** idiots don't help. Have the same issue and said to me I have to contact Oculus. Oculus have no clue regarding this Rockband VR
  • Despite the fact, that this forum is (nearly) dead, I'm going to complain one more time the crashing of the game after purchasing a DLC.
    Now I had to deinstall and install the game the third time.
    Hey Harmonix, what's wrong with you? Would you please fix this issue, since I'm not the only one. Or at least answer in some way?
    It's really annoying, that there is no support....spoils the fun.
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