Vexus's Hypothetical Rock Band 5! (91 songs plus wishlist DLC, Rivals challenges)


  • Ah, now THIS is a quality setlist. Can't wait for the tiers!
  • Thanks! The tiers are taking a bit of a while since I've not really done it before and I'm not much of a drummer so anything beyond a 3 is pretty much the same as an impossible for me. :L Still, I'm working on them!
  • If it helps, I have a few of these songs for Phase Shift, which are mostly fully tiered. I could give you those tiers as a starting point.
  • LiveHomeVideoLiveHomeVideo Trying too hard
    What I tend to do when doing tiers for setlists is make a document comparing all the songs to each other in terms of difficulty on each instrument, and evenly separating them afterwords to separate tiers. I then try my best to explain that the tiers are relative to each other, as opposed to how they'd appear within RB4's thresholds. Just something I thought I would mention since you mentioned you're having trouble, is all.
  • If it helps, I have a few of these songs for Phase Shift, which are mostly fully tiered. I could give you those tiers as a starting point.

    That would be very useful, thanks!
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    Had a good Christmas?

    Here's the first set of tiers:
    Band Tier Zero (Warmup)
    All the Young Dudes
    Bleed It Out
    Crashed the Wedding
    High School Never Ends
    Mama Weer All Crazee Now
    Provoke Me
    Red Cortina
    Somebody That I Used To Know
    Stacy's Mom
    Swords of a Thousand Men
    Teenage Kicks
    (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)

    Band Tier One (Apprentice)
    Asleep at the Wheel
    Comfortably Numb
    Fox on the Run
    Girl from Mars
    Go All the Way
    Hail The Apocalypse
    Karma Chameleon
    Live & Learn
    Royal Jelly -- low-end guitar alt-charted to bass as well as guitar
    The Wanderer

    Let's talk about one of the big changes I'd make, since they're pertinent to a lot of the tracks in this post. Currently, I believe that talk notes are way too easy. Just make a noise while they're getting checked and you get the points, making getting gold and crimson stars on some of them a joke. I would make the following changes:
    - In order to get the points, you must be in the actual key of the song, somewhat similar to the current freeform vocals in RB4.
    - On Brutal Mode, the lyrics are hidden and vocal tracks are disabled. This gives the player far fewer cues in regards to pitch and timing.

    Another change I'd make is in regards to characters. First off, customisation would get a buff to be on par with at least RB3. Categories for outfits would now be tops, bottoms, and shoes. Accessories would be hats, glasses and masks, piercings, and hand accessories (things like gloves, rings, bracelets). "None" options would be available for tops (men only, though bras and bikini tops would be available for women), shoes and all accessory categories. Speaking of gender, I'd make it so you could assign a male and female lead singer, and the game automatically swaps between the two as appropriate, selecting one at random for instrumentals and songs tagged as "non-binary" under vocalist gender (which as far as I know is just Clear Clear Light from RB4, but who knows what I'll come up with for DLC!)

    More tiers, tweaks and additions to follow.
  • Band Tier Two (Solid)
    48 Crash
    All The Things She Said
    Beautiful Tragedy
    Can't Stop
    Danger! High Voltage! -- saxophone alt-charted to guitar
    Mamma Mia -- marimba alt-charted to guitar
    Oh My God
    Rotterdam (Or Anywhere)
    Take It Off
    The Distance

    Band Tier Three (Moderate)
    Anarchy in the U.K.
    Another Girl, Another Planet
    Beautiful Dangerous
    Boys of Summer
    Evil Woman
    Feuer frei! -- synth lead alt-charted to guitar
    I Think We're Alone Now
    Kiss Me Deadly
    Ready to Go
    Thank God I'm Not You

    Band Tier Four (Challenging)
    Black Cat
    The Chain
    Don't Mess With Me
    Everything About You
    Hundred Mile High City
    Motorcycle Emptiness
    Rattlesnake -- synth bass alt-charted to bass
    Vanity Loves Me
    You Lost Me

    Since I talked about vocal changes before, let's talk about changing guitar and bass. In gameplay terms, I wouldn't change much. It's not broken, so there's nothing to fix. I mean, I'd like to have open notes make an appearance in the game, but for the sake of maintaining consistency with the previous games/DLC, I'm willing to forego them.

    No, my biggest alteration would be to the hardware. This time around, the guitar will resemble the Fender Telecaster. We've had a few Stratocasters, a Jaguar and I believe a Mustang for Pro mode, plus the Beatles guitars. The Telecaster would have a jack input for attaching headphones or a headset and a pickup switch for overdrive/freestyle solo effects, as well as all the features of the RB4 Jaguar. The other addition (which I am soul-lessly ripping from some of the Guitar Hero controllers) is a bridge-based overdrive button. All controllers that work with RB4 would work with RB5, and the Telecaster Controller would be compatible with RB4.

    I'd also add bass solos (as well as drum solos) to old songs that should have them but lack them - Rush's Witch Hunt (Part III of Fear), for instance.

    Nightmare and Impossible tiers, drum info and other additions coming up!
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    So Imgur's being a pain, meaning I can't upload tiers. Here's how the remaining songs are distributed between band tiers, however.

    Band Tier Five (Nightmare)
    Bang Bang
    Beat It
    Children of the Grave
    Don't Believe a Word
    Fuwa Fuwa Time
    Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
    Paradise City
    Paranoid Android
    Rock and Roll
    Time to Say Goodbye
    Two Skin

    Band Tier Devil (Impossible)
    21st Century Schizoid Man
    Beyond the Matrix
    Black Night (Live)
    Captain Morgan's Revenge
    Cry of the Banshee
    Headlong Flight
    Knights of Cydonia -- synth bass alt-charted to bass (and not guitar!)
    Moth Into Flame
    Road of Resistance
    The World is Yours
    Wynona's Big Brown Beaver

    So what's going to change with drums? Again, the big change I'd make is hardware-based, much like with guitar. In fact, one of the big changes is, again, to add a headphone port. I'd also include cymbals and a second kick pedal by default. The other change is that I'd find some material that doesn't sound so loud when you hit it.

    Now, I'm aware that RB4 does technically support double kick, but I'd go one step beyond and add a pair of double kick modes covering all difficulties - Double Kick Standard, Double Kick Pro; and Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert and Brutal levels for each. The main difference would be that orange notes would appear on every single kick, and said kicks can be hit using either pedal. Double difficulties wouldn't be available on every song, but would be added to legacy DLC/export tracks where appropriate.

    Speaking of Brutal Mode, I'd retain leader boards for it but make it a standard difficulty level, listed after Expert. Crimson stars can only be gained in a band if all players pick Brutal, gold stars require all players to pick Brutal or Expert in any combination.

    So, that about wraps up the on-disc set for my hypothetical RB5. I've got a few DLC pack ideas, and I'll post them at some point!
  • And the tiers are finally up!

    So I had a number of ideas for DLC singles and packs - some of which have already made it into Rock Band proper! I'll put some up every now and then, such as when they're pertinent to the content of the pack. What I'll say now is that every band on the main setlist will have at least one other playable song between the current DLC, song exports from 1/2/3/4/Lego/Green Day, and my DLC plans.
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    You know what, I'll put some DLC up each week. To kick us off, here's my first artist three-pack. I'll probably do quite a few of these - they seem to be a bit of a RB standard. So here is:

    Led Zeppelin 01:
    The Immigrant Song | Band tier 2: Solid
    Kashmir | Band tier 3: Moderate
    Whole Lotta Love | Band tier 4: Challenging

    Next week, I'm going to kick off my first Hypothetical Rock Band 5 Rivals Season: To Understand The Future...
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    ...We Have To Go Back In Time!

    More on that later. First:

    How I'm tackling Rewinds

    I don't see Rock Band 5 coming out soon. At all. This thread is what I would like to see it be like if it did come out soon, or at the very least songs I'd like to see added to RB4 as DLC. Still, I'm going to work under the assumption that RB5 won't be out for a really long time, and in that time every exportable song from RB1, 2, 3 and Lego will have been rewound. As such, the only rewinds I'll do will be those not in the RB1 and 2 export packs and tracks from RB4.

    Related, but not quite the same, are delisted DLC and RBN tracks. Ideally, I'd want to see delisted DLC be re-added ASAP. Failing that, added at a point that it's relevant. I haven't yet decided how I'll deal with RBN songs (possibly the most realistic thing about my track ideas!)

    Now's as good a time as any to bring it up because...

    This week's DLC

    Metallica 02
    Enter Sandman (Rewind)
    Battery (Rewind)
    Master of Puppets | Band Tier 5: Nightmare

    I'm not gonna bother tiering Rewinds - they already have been officially, somewhere out there in the nethersphere.

    I didn't talk much about the songs last week, which is something Harmonix and other people with these kinds of threads do, so let's talk about Enter Sandman, Battery and Master of Puppets.

    Straight out of the original Rock Band is arguably Metallica's most iconic song, Enter Sandman. Carried by a silky riff, huge chorus, particularly rhythmic bassline and shreddy solos, this song is probably the one I have missed most post-RB1. Rock Band 2 gives us Battery. Don't let its pretty intro fool you - out of the Metallica songs in RB to this part, it's possibly the most all-out thrash track once into the song proper! Finally, a new addition to Rock Band (but not CERTAIN OTHER GUITAR-BASED GAME FRANCHISES ) is Master of Puppets. This time-signature bending tune is the title track of Metallica's incredible 1986 album, and I would imagine one of their most requested songs.

    "But Vexus!" you may cry, "Which of these is the Spotlight song?"

    Sad, but True is. Metallica's been overdue a return to RB for years now, and in my ideal world, I'd make up for last time, with a retrospective pack, consisting of one track from every album.

    Metallica Through the Years
    Hit the Lights | Band Tier Devil: Impossible
    Creeping Death | Band Tier 5: Nightmare
    Orion | Band Tier 4: Challenging
    One | Band Tier Devil: Impossible
    Sad, but True (Spotlight) | Band Tier 2: Solid
    King Nothing | Band Tier 3: Moderate
    Fuel | Band Tier 4: Challenging
    Frantic | Band Tier 4: Challenging
    That Was Just Your Life | Band Tier 5: Nightmare
    Atlas, Rise! | Band Tier 4: Challenging

    Whew. First off, Kill 'Em All is Metallica probably at their most punk rock, particularly with their speed and sound. Hit the Lights opens with what I'd call a "big rock opening" After that, it goes full throttle, slowing down a bit in feel for the choruses. A break, followed by a solo then an actual BRE round the track out.

    On Ride the Lightning, Metallica started writing fewer songs about metal and more about other topics. Creeping Death is another song that's all about the riffs, though it has plenty of fun for all the band members - vocalists get that sweet "DIE!" gang vocal, drummers get fills for days. One of my favourite Metallica songs, and from my personal favourite album.

    With Master of Puppets, the band started going in a bit more of a progressive direction, such as with Orion. It's an instrumental, with all three parts have some good variety with plenty of changes, loads of bass and guitar solos and a solid rhythmic drive.

    The band didn't take the loss of long-standing bassist Cliff Burton lightly, and followed Master of Puppets up with what I consider their "angry" album, ...And Justice For All. From it, we get One. After the sampled war noises you start with a fairly iconic guitar arpeggio, which is the basis for a lot of the song. About two thirds of the way in, the song goes from slow ballad to full metal mode - more than living up to its tiering!

    Onto this week's Spotlight song and the album it's from. With their self-titled fifth album, Metallica started to morph into more of a hard rock band. That's not necessarily a bad thing, mind, since there are some absolute bangers on the self-titled album, such as Sad, but true. This song is generally a lot more straightforward than anything else in the pack, though it still sounds huge - a great song in my opinion to say "welcome back" to Rivals Mode with.

    Sixth and seventh came Load and Reload, a pair of albums that were originally going to be one double album. These days Metallica sort of view them as interchangeable, as they came out within a year of each other and are probably their least heavy albums to date. They also feature some of the more diverse influences in Metallica's career, such as blues and southern rock. I've gone a bit more straightforward with my song choices from them. From Load, King Nothing is sort of an "Enter Sandman Part 2", being structurally similar but with a bass intro rather than guitar. From Reload, we've got Fuel. Aside from being a minor meme and possibly the inspiration for the name of a tiny yet well-regarded rock bar and club in Cardiff, Wales, it's a bit more of a callback to Metallica's thrashier days.

    St. Anger was the first and only album with Bob Rock playing bass, and it was the most divisive one to date. Let's just say Lars experimented with snare sounds, they didn't want Kirk to solo and the band as a whole were on hard times. Frantic is relentless riffage, rolling drums and generally... well, frantic.

    With Rob Trujillo making his debut studio appearance as Metallica's bassist, Death Magnetic was an attempt to return to their thrash sound, though it was muddied somewhat by the final mix of the album. That Was Just Your Life starts with some trippy guitar riffs, before going into more of a full thrash song.

    Last but not least, the lastest album, Hardwired... To Self-Destruct. To me it feels like a continuation of what they were trying with Death Magnetic, but with some of the genre experimentation of Re/Load. There's something about the chorus of this one that reminds me of Iron Maiden - possibly the tone of the dual guitar licks.

    I'm running out of space, so Rivals stuff below.
  • Rock Band 5 Rivals Season 1: To Understand the Future...

    Week 1: Where It All Began:

    Play songs by any of the fifty-eight bands that were on the original Rock Band disc.

    The theme for my first Rivals season is a Rock Band retrospective. Through the next few weeks I'll be taking a look at the various sources of songs and celebrating the history of the franchise. Where better to start than with the very first game?

    As we should by know, Rock Band 1 came out in 2007 as a spiritual successor to Harmonix's Guitar Hero games. It featured a refined version of the familiar gameplay of GH2, with the addition of drums and lead vocals. Its song list, while not personally my favourite, was pretty eclectic and also the subject of some of Irish stand-up comedian Dara O'Briain's material (particularly him bemoaning the fact that in order to get to what he considered the good songs, you had to get through "feckin' Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs").

    Of course, you could play feckin' Maps if you wanted, but that's not what I picked for the spotlight songs.

    Radiohead: Paranoid Android
    Metallica: Sad, but True
    David Bowie: Suffragette City

    Because my plans for this thread aren't finished bending reality, my first track is Radiohead. Their breakthrough hit Creep was featured in Rock Band 1, and this track Paranoid Android is my first on-disc spotlight song for RB5. Creep has re-entered the public eye due to a lawsuit against Lana Del Rey, who has been accused of plagiarising it or something. I'm not really a Lana fan so I'm not entirely sure of the details of it, nor am I that bothered. Besides, I'm supposed to be talking about Paranoid Android. The guitar chart for this one goes back and forth between acoustic and electric and gets pretty shreddy at points. Thom Yorke's vocal goes all over the place (in a good way!) and the tempo changes keep everyone on their collective toes.

    I already talked about Sad but, True in the last post, but I think it's interesting how with the three packs and one on-disc song, the various Metallica songs are divided by album: 1 each from Kill 'em All, Load, Reload, St. Anger and Death Magnetic; 2 each from Ride the Lightning, Metallica and Hardwired... To Self-Destruct; and 3 each from Master of Puppets and ...And Justice for All. Who knows, maybe I'll do a Metallica 03 (maybe it should technically be 04? Debate it in the comments) at some point, but for now I'd say seventeen will do.

    Suffragette City, from Bowie's classic Ziggy Stardust album, rounds this out. This Rewind track is already confirmed, unlike at least two the others I've selected so far, and is a pretty straight-up rock song. Don't get tripped up by the fake ending, though! Not that you should - one addition to the series I'd make is a time meter, which progresses from left to right as the song goes on, giving you a rough idea how much is left. There should still be a gap between the needle and the end at "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!"

    Next week, my big contribution to the Track Pack Game thread.
  • So, here's a little unplanned, on-the-fly addition.

    This month has been pretty bad for music. In very little time at all we lost Babymetal guitarist Mikio Fujioka, Motörhead guitarist "Fast Eddie" Clarke and The Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan. I thought I'd do a little tribute to the three of them, since they were all incredible musicians in their respective genres and instruments. I think it would be pretty cool if down the line Harmonix did something like this, but I do get that securing the licenses, getting the tracks, charting the instruments etc. is very time-consuming, even after all this time.

    Tribute singles:
    The Cranberries: The Glory | Band Tier 3: Moderate
    Motörhead: Overkill | Band Tier 5: Nightmare
    Babymetal: Head Bangeeeeerrrrr!!!!! | Band Tier Devil: Impossible

    The Glory is a track from the final album The Cranberries put out with Dolores. The track is from an album that's mostly acoustic versions of older songs. The instrumentation provides a beautiful, dreamy landscape for Dolores to lay her vocals down on, and the whole thing is just generally a lush bit of alternative pop.

    I've linked the original version of Overkill (the one Fast Eddie actually plays on) but I totally understand if we get the 2008 rerecord, and I think my tiers wouldn't change drastically for that. This is one that has several fake endings, with a pretty solid and constant drum pattern, bass solo intros with chords played throughout and plenty of guitar solos, before finishing with an actual big rock ending.

    Head Bangeeeeerrrrr!!!!! rounds off the list. It's probably the heaviest track off Babymetal's self-titled debut album, with what I'd imagine to be the toughest guitar track (apart from maybe Road of Resistance, which was only on the international edition, though was also on Metal Resistance - more on that when it ends up as the spotlight track). Loads of great riffing and chugging, a brief solo, the band's good old mix of J-pop idol and harsh vocals and plenty of breakneck double pedal drum sections.

    Three great musicians that music is all the worse off for losing.

    Back to normal on Friday.
  • Let’s get back to regular business with some pretty rockin’ singles and a tribute to a decade old game. If I can get this to work anyway!

    This Week’s DLC:
    This week, every new DLC song shares its name with a track that’s in my Rock Band 5 list, which is very similar to a category I started a few weeks ago in the Track Pack Game thread (only there it was songs that share their name with ones from the non-hypothetical bits of Rock Band).

    Variety singles: Name’s the Same Edition

    Generation X: Kiss Me Deadly | Band tier 2: Solid
    Lacuna Coil: Spellbound (Spotlight) | Band tier 3: Moderate
    The Pretty Reckless: Oh My God | Band tier 4: Challenging
    Television: Venus | Band tier 3: Moderate
    Manic Street Preachers: Faster | Band tier 2: Solid
    System of a Down: Bubbles | Band tier 5: Nightmare

    First off, we’ve got Billy Idol’s old band, Generation X. Kiss Me Deadly shares its name with a Lita Ford song, and strangely enough is actually from the band’s self-titled album. The Kiss Me Deadly album isn’t unrepresented in Rock Band though - Dancing With Myself is from that album, which came later. Confused? Me too! Pretty arpeggios give way further down to some classic punk energy, but come back for the choruses. Fun rumour: I’ve seen it mentioned online that this might be Billie Joe Armstrong’s favourite song, but I’ve got no confirmation either way.

    Spellbound by Lacuna Coil shares its name with a Siouxsie and the Banshees song, as well as having some roots in the gothic rock genre. Shallow Life, the album Spellbound is from, is probably Lacuna Coil’s most mainstream-friendly album to date and my personal least favourite, but this song’s a gem from that album nevertheless. The guitar parts are pretty riff-driven with a pretty nice solo (something pretty rare for LC) and male vocalist Andrea Ferro takes the lead for the verses. The bassline is pretty much all root notes, and the drums get a few fills here and there. A bit of a mix of familiar and novel from Italy’s biggest metal export.

    The Pretty Reckless hit us with a two-for-one deal, as this track shares its name not only with the Kaiser Chiefs’ indie anthem from my RB5 list, but also Ida Maria’s song in RB3. Here, Taylor and co. go a bit thrash, with some frantic guitar riffs, drumming and bass picking. It slows down a bit for the vocal hooks, but provides some nice challenge without being too inaccessible.

    Up next is Venus by Television. Sharing its name with the Shocking Blue song of the same name (the more famous Bananarama cover being part of the RB5 list), it provides a fair bit of contrast with the rest, having more of a laid back feel with some tricky bass licks. It’s also one of those rare tracks where the solo is probably easier than the rest of the guitar track, being mostly long notes.

    Welsh wonders, the Manic Street Preachers are next, with their song Faster. Compared to the Within Temptation song, it certainly is. It’s another pretty early song of theirs, when they had a lot more punk and glam influence than some of their later and more well-known songs. This is a feisty, fiery romp of a song with a pretty surprising guitar solo part-way through. Nothing too tricky here, it’s just a great tune by a long overdue band.

    Finally, some nu-metal. System of a Down’s track is the heaviest of this week’s singles by a longshot, and considerably harder than Biffy Clyro’s song! Our first song from Steal This Album!, Bubbles is a relentless chugger of a track with little let-up for anyone. SOAD have always been a pretty experimental band, and this is one of their songs that they really mix that with raw aggression. Definitely a song to check out.

    A few of these bands will return down the line. For now though, let’s take a look at the Rivals challenge.

    Rock Band 5 Rivals Season 1 Week 2: Sophomore Release
    Play songs by any of the fifty-eight bands featured in Rock Band 2

    Rock Band 2 launched in 2008 and while it didn't feature much in the way of major gameplay updates (talk notes became easier and drummers can solo now, and some online stuff), it did bring the most and in my opinion, best set of songs to date. Gone are the in-house covers and in are loads of great punk, metal, new wave and old school tunes - you know, stuff I love! In fact, this week’s spotlight songs are a great old school song, a great metal song and a great new wave song.

    Fleetwood Mac: The Chain
    Lacuna Coil: Spellbound
    Devo: Uncontrollable Urge

    The Chain is from the classic album Rumours, as is Fleetwood Mac’s RB2 song Go Your Own Way. This song was made up of smaller song ideas, creating an almost odyssey in itself. Every instrument gets a standout moment - the soaring vocal harmonies, beautiful guitars, bass solo (which you Brits might recognise as the formula one theme) and steady percussion make this quite rightly one of the most wanted songs for Rock Band.

    Spellbound has been talked about for gameplay. This is the only spotlight song in this season that doesn’t predate the game it’s representing, with the Shallow Life album dropping in 2009. However, the album’s opening track Survive was among the first songs to be on the RBN, which was originally launched on RB2. A truncated version of Our Truth (from 2006’s Karmacode) appears in RB2 itself.

    Finally, another on-disc/rewind track from the game in question rounds us off. One of the beauties of this series is learning about music you were previously ignorant to. Prior to hearing Uncontrollable Urge, I just assumed Devo were a one-hit wonder synthpop band, but this more punk-influenced track showed me otherwise. This song is just pure fun, with its descending riff and kinda wacky vocals. If I recall correctly, it was also re-recorded specifically for RB2 (hence using a gameplay video in the link), and is one of the few songs to have had that done.

    Next week, we're building it up.
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