Been outta the game for a bit...

Hi friendly Rockband players. I was a huge fan of the RB1-3,Lego, Greenday, and Doors series(have done all the exports back in the day also). I'm new to PS4, but I was wondering if I just just go but the RB4 original game, is it online with friends? Can I use my instruments from RB3?Do export purchases from back then carry over to PS4?
I appreciate the feedback people, I want to get it so we can "upgrade" but had too many questions for the Gamestop lady.


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    Might want to move this out of the support area of the forum as not many people generally stop by here, but I’ll try and answer what I can...
    First, welcome back (hopefully)..,

    2. I think you mean Beatles (not Doors) as those were just songs in RB3, Beatkes had its own game :)

    3 if you were in PS3 before and are migrating to PS4 (not originally Xbox moving to PS4) and you exported all the games before (didn’t just own them, but actually paid to export) then everything you previously had including nearly all your DLC if any, but not the Beatles, will be accessible to you (according to HMX, Beatles will “never” export to the regular game series). If you had the other games on Xbox before, they won’t be available on PS4.

    4. The original RB4 does not have online. You have to get the Rivals edition for that... but it’s well worth it IMO for all the extra content you get. Also, the current version of online play ONLY works with people on your friends list.... but HMX is supposedly working on a new version that will have something sounding like lobbies to meet up with other “random” players to be available sometime early this year... you have to have purchased Rivals for this to work as well... and it’s possible there will be another cost increase (?).

    5. Most (almost all?) Instruments from PS3 will work on PS4... but no keys anymore... and stock drum cymbals I think are a little different... not sure exactly how or what as I use an ekit.

    That’s all I got..., hopefully it helps and / or others jump in with anything I missed or misspoke.

    Best of luck!
  • Thanks a lot for your information! This definitely helped. I was curious if I needed to get rivals or if it was a download/update for the original RB4. I will most likely go get it still
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    Rivals is an “update” to RB4 (maybe the first of many paid updates) and it can be downloaded if you don’t buy RB4/Rivals bundled together... it adds “significant” new features to the original release (which they also still support because the same DLC is available - although not some of the free bonus tracks that are Rivals exclusives - and some updates (but no new features)).

    Also... I should have mentioned previously, you need access to your old PS3 account (user name etc.) in order to get you old exports and dlc songs... hopefully you still have that info.
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    Also, even the old PS legacy wired drums work just fine, actually work better than some of the wireless drums and are very accurate.
  • The comment about online only working with your friends list is incorrect. You can search a profile and join game / invite from their without being a friend.
  • BachiGBachiG Inconceivable...
    If so (and I don’t doubt you’re correct, even if I’ve never tried) that’s a technicality really.

    The point being, up until the patch coming out next week (hopefully, fingers crossed) you had to at least (per your statement) know somebody else’s username to join them. You couldn’t just jump into a purely random session were nobody knew anybody else’s ID.

    Next week though, even that should change, so who cares anymore? :)
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