PS4 Crew "Anxiety Disorder" - Bloodstone Tier




    8 members now! Only 2 openings left! Looking for Expert Vocals and Drummer only! Soak up the limelight in this crew as our star drummer and singer! Expert skill only. Own the spotlight scores, casual grinding. 10k crew xp a week requirement, and handle the spotlight scores. You worry about the spotlight, the rest of us will handle the XP grinding. Going Platinum next week.

    New season starts in 3 weeks
  • Recruitment is closed at this time. We have a full roster. Thank you all to those who have joined! Now lets Rock!
  • Diamond Tier.............Out for Blood!
  • Bloodstone! We are back!
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    Looking for Rock Band Rivals DRUMMER to join our crew, "Anxiety Disorder". We are a Bloodstone Tier Crew, and we want you! Season 4 is coming soon and we will be going to Bloodstone again, that's a promise!


    EXPERT skill level drummer needed! Must be willing to purchase DLC and contribute to the spotlight songs. We are looking for a drummer with crazy mad skills to jam with. A drummer that can handle all the songs on an EXPERT skill level of play. Must also be willing to play the weekly spotlight songs to ensure our success as a crew. Must be active as well. Minimum 10,000 Crew XP weekly contribution.

    Visit our Reddit page for more information here:

    We are chatty, social, and online band play happens every week for the challenges. An online Green Room is created, and away we go to play a fun filled jam session.

    I stream most of the Jam Sessions. Check out our live stream videos at:

    Each crew is allowed a maximum of 10 players. Crews compete weekly through a 8 week long season against other crews on the same console platform. PSN cannot compete with or play with players on XBox. As a crew we participate in the Rivals weekly challenges, play online together, communicate through the Rock Band mobile application, and overall have a lot of fun.

    Look forward to having you join us!

    If interested please contact: badkat907

    Crew: Anxiety Disorder

    Console: PS4
  • BadkatBadkat Unsigned
    Still looking for a drummer! 1 spot open in our crew. See previous post or visit for details.
  • I need 2 members right now or sooner - A.S.A.P. to join our crew and help us reach the Bloodstone Tier. Message Badkat907 on PS4. I will send you an invite.
  • BadkatBadkat Unsigned
    PS4 Crew Looking for 2 members to join us on our quest for Bloodstone. Drummer and a grinder needed. Contact Badkat907 or visit here for details:
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    Only 1 spot left! Join "Anxiety Disorder crew and reap the rewards of Bloodstone! In need of a Grinder. Any instrument welcome! Immediate acceptance upon approval! Contact Badkat907 or visit here for details:
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    *BUMP* see above post
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    I (one) spot open for a "Spotlight" song member. String & Drums. Looking for a spotlight song superstar to come join us for weekly Rock Band Rivals season challenges. Message "badkat907" on the PS4 if interested, or visit for more information.
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