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  • Ps4 crew
    Thedas Must Be Giants

    "Recruiting" Currently full but have a couple that have lost interest and no longer participate. We are a casual but competitive group that has reached bloodstone each season. Ranked in the top 50 overall. Just looking for some life out there! No real reqs outside of a few song plays a week. If you can help with spotlights thats awesome but we are more interested in someone that simply plays each week. Feel free to contact me here or the network
    Gt: tormented-angel
  • Xbox crew looking for dedicated players. Currently ranked diamond, pushing towards Bloodstone this week. One open spot, but potentially two or three spots due to people not playing anymore. Message me or just join my band, Lucifers Ladies.
  • White_PawZWhite_PawZ Road Warrior
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    Level: 36
    Skill: 692
    Disc Song Score: 1,550,973
    Total score: 35,171,995
    Total stars earned: 1,073
    Gold star songs: 3
    Expert full combos: 0
    Crimson Star Songs: 2

    Favorite instrument: harmonies

  • @White_PawZ I have a crew called Smash Moth that has an opening. Feel free to apply. We’ve made Bloodstone every season except Season 0, we’re in pretty good shape when it comes to Spotlight but we can always use more Crew XP
  • I'm an admin of Goodfellas, a Bloodstone tier crew on Xbox Ond for every season except season zero. We're having some clan difficulties this season with a few our members not pulling their weight and our spotlight vocalist running into some issues in her personal life. I'm looking for a dedicated singer who's willing to put up gold stars each week on the three spotlight songs and hopefully drop a little xp in the pot, but I'm not highkey picky. Drop me a line at [email protected] or I'll try to check back on this board, or if you prefer my gamertag is ChrisGrose and you can message me directly.
  • snysny
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    Hey folks!

    We are Macro Monk, a PS4 crew and we're looking to expand our roster with active players who can contribute XP regularly. We're fine on spotlight scorers but could use your help if you're up for playing many challenge songs in a week.

    We've finished bloodstone the past 3 seasons and are close to doing so again. We also enjoy doing some online multiplayer sessions playing non-challenge songs. We're not super-competitive and aim to have fun first and foremost, so don't be afraid to apply - if you can contribute regularly towards the crew goals, you're probably the kind of rocker we need!

    To apply, simply request membership in-game or send me a message here or on PSN to CalebJK316 or sny83.

    We look forward to hearing from you!
  • Fate media is a XB1 crew that needs some spotlight and XP grinders, we have gotten bloodstone every season, trying again this season. We're currently in Diamond, and got about 3-4 spots since we got some inactive people to boot. Tell me if you are interested in joining. Thanks!
  • Hi, ChrisGrose again from Goodfellas on Xbox One. We're still looking for any spotlight vocalist, any expert vocalist, to recruit. I'll make a spot for you as soon as you message me: let's get you that Bloodstone bike helmet!
  • GraffinGraffin Rising Star
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    PS4 Crew - LESS than THREE

    Anyone wanting to join LESS than THREE on the PS4, I think I’ve left the crew open for anyone to join. We've got 1969 songs, and whatever we don't have and need for challenges, we'll buy.

    We’re on Diamond and just need some skilled guitar/bass and drummers to do the spotlight songs and the rest of us will do the hard work to get us to Bloodstone.

    Anyone and everyone’s welcome.

    My PSN ID is Graffin_G

  • PS4 crew Haribokartel is on track for Bloodstone and we’re looking for singers to help keep us way over the line, all other bases are covered (although you can join if you want to grind one of the other instruments) but singing is where we lack an actual dedicated band member.. we play online sometimes and also occasionally stream on Twitch - your voice won’t be streamed but at least you can be internet famous and live the life of luxury.

    We’re an open crew, so if you’ve got what we need search Haribokartel and give us the boost that we need. Thanks!
  • Xbox One Crew, Phish Tahko here, looking for some dedicated players to help us get to Bloodstone easier~

    We are a two-man operation (with a few inactive members we are hoping to replace) who while with a lot of struggle, managed to make it to Bloodstone last season, and really want some help in this and every following season. We ask for no specific instrument as between the two of us, the leader and I have every spotlight instrument and song covered for the most part and just need help grinding for XP. Hopefully, we can recruit a full roster someday and then we will become the truly laid-back, yet Bloodstone-attaining band we strive to be!~

    Our crew is open to all, no matter how much DLC, as long as they contribute regularly (but hey, you can do as much as you want, no pressure) and enjoy the sweet sweet Bloodstone loot at the end of every season!

    Thanks for considering! Or not! Its all good, you do you~
  • Masters of the Universe on XBOX One

    We are group of 4 to 5 active crew members , 3 super active players, and a couple of Spotlight only players. we always make Diamond tier, and get really close to bloodstone, however we do not have an active Spotlight singer. We are looking for peeps who want to have fun and would like to achieve Bloodstone with us. I say casual crew, but I mean we all have jobs and play when you can. As long as you plan to contribute!

    Hit me up GT: SmallScreenHero
  • XBox One crew looking for members. We have finished in Diamond every season except season 0. We are always just short of bloodstone. We have a 1000 skill vocalist for spotlight and some solid guitar players in high 900 skill range. We are a casual crew. We aren't looking to be number one, but we really want to reach bloodstone. A solid drummer and some more players doing some XP grinding will get us there for sure. Message me, AMXMatt, on XBox if you're interested.
  • [PS4] - Hey everyone, our crew, No Pain No Game is looking for one extra member for season 5. We've been a consistent bloodstone crew and we could really use some XP grinders, or even a good singer for spotlight songs. We're not crazy competitives but we'd like to reach bloodstone as soon as possible and compete among the top crews.

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    Hey there...I'm starting a new Xbox crew for season 5, we have spotlights almost covered, just need a dedicated vocalist for spotlights. Requirements for spotlights are to path and squeeze the songs as best as you can...but don't drive yourself insane haha, no other requirements besides that...any xp you earn is a bonus for the crew! As far as xp grinders we could also use a couple of you also. We use discord to communicate instead of the rb companion app. I can be contacted at my gt: tH3c74z3d if you would like to join...thanks for reading
  • Peppercorn Bing Bong, the 3 time... 3 time... 3 time Bloodstone crew is patrolling the scene, looking for another member to fill out our team. We take what we want! And since we took the jackets and helmets, we want the bloodstone pants sucka! Complete Outfit! We coming for you sucka! We're on Xbox and my gamertag is The Never Ender if any of y'all are interested. Now can you dig that… SUUCCKAA?
  • vulture7776969vulture7776969 Unsigned
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    Killer bunnies from mars 4 dedicated players we always max out at diamond looking for more players or to merge with other crew to form stronger one. PS4 crew.
  • ZenzukiZenzuki Unsigned
    Top 25 XBO Bloodstone Rivals Crew "The Lebowski's" have one opening for a drummer (925+ preferred)!

    Please pm if interested. :smile:
  • derand57derand57 Unsigned
    Hey there! Indoctrination Theory, an XB1 crew is currently looking for 2 new members. You can be any instrument, any skill as long as you are dedicated to contributing XP each week. We have members over 900 on every instrument including a 1000 rating vocalist and would love to have you join our quest for Bloodstone. Apply directly to the band
    through XBox1 under band name: Indoctrination Theory, or by contacting me: Gamer Tag: The KIARF
  • KalypsoKalypso Unsigned
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    PS crew Social Chaos (Bloodstone is not a problem) is looking for a few good xp jammers.

    We want active members. You don't have to be a superstar- play regularly (30k xp in a week should be a walk in the park for you) and be nice. We're an older, chill yet competitive group, and we want No drama. :)

    Message Kalykitty ingame.
  • GraffinGraffin Rising Star
    PS4 Crew called "LESS than THREE".

    It's just the two of us, but we make it to Diamond almost every season. We just need a better guitar/bass player to help out with the Spotlight Scores.

    The crew is open to anyone and we've had a few users join, but unfortunately they join, and after 2 weeks, haven't played a single song or contributed, and after repeated attempts to message them, i'm forced to kick them from the crew. I hate doing it, but I'd like members that actually help with the spotlight and/or crew XP.

    I don't expect expert players or for members to grind away for hours each week, just do what you can, when you can. Any XP help is welcome.

    Anyway, i'm pretty sure our crew is open for anyone to join, but if you want to message me, my PSN ID is Graffin_G

  • Graffin,
    I've sent you a PSN message.
  • GraffinGraffin Rising Star
    Thanks for the offers to join other crews, but my partner's rather partial to our band name which we've had since RB3.

    All we're looking for is a talented guitarist/bassist and possibly even a drummer to help out only on the Spotlight songs each week.

    We're more than happy to do the hard work to get the Crew XP up, as we've got a HUGE library with 1980 songs at the moment.

    So, we're just looking for a minimum commitment... and if you want to join to help boost our Crew XP as well, you're more than welcome to join!

  • THE CHIPMUNKS on xbox are recruiting. One spot open. We usually make bloodstone in 7th or 8th week. We play online and chat on the app. Feel free to message me here or on xbox (same gamertag) if you want to make bloodstone in a low pressure, no required purchases, no required xp group (obviously complete inactivity might get you kicked).

    A spotlight specialist on guitar and/or drums would be amazing (we might make week 6), but since we have made bloodstone with current line up the last couple of seasons, you could also just be an average-active Joe (or Jane) and that would be appreciated as well. Get yourself some nice bloodstone pants in the process!
  • KalypsoKalypso Unsigned
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    PS crew Social Chaos (Bloodstone is not a problem) is looking for 3 good xp jammers.

    We want active members. You don't have to be a superstar- play regularly (30k xp in a week should be a walk in the park for you) and be nice. We're an older, chill yet competitive group, and we want No drama. :)

    Message Kalykitty ingame.

  • bjfettbjfett Unsigned
    Hi everyone. PS4 player here, I’m in a crew that not all members plays regularly and I’m looking for a new one.

    I play pro drums with 940 skill and a lot of dlc. I’m new to rb4 (my last rb3 jam was 3,5 years ago), but I’m doing 20k ~ 25k xp weekly.

    Is there any bloodstone crew with spot?
  • Hello bjfett.
    I sent you a PSN message. Our crew is Escape Insanity and we have a spot for you if you're still looking.
  • Hi, I have a crew named Scarlet Beasts (on PS4) and since we are with just 2 members we are looking for people who play regularly. Twice promoted this season, it looks like week 3 is too hard to get promoted with just 2 members.
    So if anyone is up for it please join.
  • Shots O'Clock is looking for two high volume XP grinders. Any skill level but must be active and contribute every week. PM me here or on PSN with how much XP you can contribute.
  • [XB1] Deez Knuts looking for casual but active members

    Okay so the open crew thing just doesn't cut it...

    Several openings for any skill, any instrument. Must do minimum 20 song plays per challenge (more helps on push weeks but only 20 is required). Spotlight open to whoever gets the best score.

    Currently Platinum. Was Diamond season 0 and Bloodstone every season since. If you're looking for end of season rewards we will get to Bloodstone by end of season.

    If interested please comment or send private message.
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