WRUDRN 2018: Deep Blues Traveller Something.... Bruther



  • DrowGamer77DrowGamer77 Serious Business
    I'd really like to see some Sevendust in RB. Don't even care if it's a gimmick
  • thatmarkguythatmarkguy Road Warrior

    As I understand it, the band isn't interested. The Arcade Fire Rock Band 'gag' was part of their failure of a marketing strategy for Everything Now: fake news, rampant commercialism, and fads. The AFRB joke was that they perceived Rock Band to be a punch line ("Imagine we sold out so much that we had our own videogame? Remember that fad from a decade ago when bands got dedicated videogames with plastic instruments? Lol") - it wasn't actual interest.

    Ah.. well that’s sort of douchey of them.
    It gets douchier. They issued an 'apology' of sorts for the whole marketing campaign... but the apology seems to be itself a fake part of the campaign. Near as I can tell the apology details blaming the misguided campaign on a person and company that doesn't actually exist. It seems like they made their own fake marketing company, did this whole weird marketing thing under the guise of that company, and then made it look like they blamed and fired them when it wasn't well received.

  • Wait a second, aren’t Americans the ones supposed to be inventing fake Canadians, not the other way around?
  • I really hate last week's Spotlight song but I don't wanna sound like Witt and go off on a long tangent about how terrible that terrible band is

    Ironically, the only small piece of joy I get out of playing along to it in RB4 is by pretending that [expletive][insult] is actually singing "... full of sharks". For 10 seconds, I have a small smile on my face. And then I'm back to grimacing.
  • I heard "Eyes Without A Face" by Idol tonight (I rarely listen to the radio anymore) and so that song got an insta-request.
    Anyone else want to request it for me ? ;)
  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    Is that a half man, half shark? Or a half shark, half man?
  • WitticusWitticus VERY DEEP
    edited February 2018
    The scientists won’t say.
  • Hopefully sharks are participating in the Winter Olympics.
  • WitticusWitticus VERY DEEP
    edited February 2018
    Uh duh, didn't you see the drawing where the drones formed a shark?

    Edit: you all know how I feel about double posts. Here’s your Umbrella Shark!

  • DrowGamer77DrowGamer77 Serious Business
    pretty quiet in here

    happy Monday, friends
  • It's quiet up until Tuesday, then the real fun begins.
  • DrowGamer77DrowGamer77 Serious Business
    are you saying all my fun today has been ... FAKE????
  • Think of it as fun lite with half the calories of real fun.
  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    @DrowGamer77 fakes his orgasams.
  • I didn't know Weird Al could shred like this:

  • Wildcat15 said:

    I didn't know Weird Al could shred like this:

    Then clearly you don't know Weird Al.


    Gettin' down on Tuesday
    Everybody's lookin' forward to the DLC
    We-we-we so excited
  • It's pretty easy to get sued by Disney, just ask anybody that sang Happy Birthday in public up until a few years ago.
  • LiveHomeVideoLiveHomeVideo Trying too hard
    More fun with learning Norwegian.

  • Lawdog1521Lawdog1521 Squirrel Chasing Expert
    I like the subtle Venus De Milo in the back.
  • bclewisbclewis Road Warrior
    We ran out of cow's milk yonks ago.
  • DrowGamer77DrowGamer77 Serious Business
    hey, friends!

    @Lawdog1521 you told me that you would keep that secret ... I only fake half of them, anyhow
  • Witticus said:

    It's pretty easy to get sued by Disney, just ask anybody that sang Happy Birthday in public up until a few years ago.

    Warner Music, not Disney.
  • Happy Valentine's Day folks! Hope everyone has a great day, whether it's with a lover, a friend, or just going solo!
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