Should I even repurchase?

I heard about this on Griffin and Rachel McElroy’s “Wonderful” podcast and I was instantly fascinated and wanted one for myself, so after finally convincing myself after a month or so, I picked one up on Amazon. It arrived today, but the board is completely non-functional, I’ve tried 3 sets of batteries, one freshly bought, and the thing has never even lit up. I only know it’s supposed to cause it says so, it’s never done a thing. After some googling it would appear the internet consensus is that Hasbro just made these things kinda shoddily and this is just the result. If the forums here agree, I think we can all just call it a lost sale.

Going out of my way to mail toys back because they don’t work is a sobering enough reminder that I’m 28. Thanks for the disappointment.


  • I would say give it another try.

    It's always important to remember than on the internet, if you search for negative results you'll find them. And if you're already thinking it's bad you might overestimate any problems and failure rates.
    Plus, remember that when it comes to things like build quality, barely anyone who has it working and built well will be posting everywhere about it. You're more likely to see that people's boards are built well from mixes people are sharing and new cards being bought.

    Remember that it's more likely you'll find a complaint with a product online than a compliment - because people who have it working don't necessarily have a reason to post anything.

    tl;dr give it another try, the average build quality is fine
  • Sorry to hear you're having issues with your board. Hasbro has great customer service that can help you out and get you a replacement. You can hit them up either via email or on their support site. See below:

    [email protected]
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