Looking for new RB4 friends (XBone)



  • Twisted Oak here. Anyone that has a good amount of dlc can add me. I've got close to 1900 songs, play vox (999), Bass (987) or guitar (970).
  • hankmallonhankmallon Opening Act
    XBL: Snickle Snickle
    DLC: About 850ish
    Mainly guitar and bass
  • Looking for people to play with online too, gamertag is tH3c74z3d. Have around 1000 songs, I play expert guitar and bass. Mostly bass. Feel free to add me
  • Yo. Hello.
    Gamertag: LL_XANADU
    Instruments: Mainly Bass and Guitar in difficulty of Expert/Hard
    DLC: I have around 150. www.dlcquickplay.com/user/Xanadu My mixed genre of songs.
    Exports: RB2, RB3, and ACDC only
    Time Zone: PST here in Cali -- mostly evenings as I work during the day, anytime when Im not busy.

    -- Looking for people with decent DLC because I am gosh darn tired of the RB4 disk music, hahah. I mean, dlc shouldn't really matter but it'd be great.
    GS, FC or not, just for fun, casual.
  • White_PawZWhite_PawZ Road Warrior
    User name: MarkTwain77

    We have about 1100 songs... every RB disc and tons of DLC

    We play on hard usually, but due to the 1 instrument for console we will be playing harmonies online so we can easily do expert!
  • crazysean05crazysean05 Opening Act
    edited January 2017
    I am always up for playing with people. I've added everyone here.

    Expert Vocals, 1600 + DLC and Imports

    Gamertag: Crazy Sean05
  • xizorhuttxizorhutt Opening Act
    Looking for new friends to play online with. Add me, GT: Rflagg4l ( its a small L not a I or 1) lots of dlc (800+) and imports I play expert bass and some lead I play mostly mornings eastern time as I work second shift and most weekends
  • Looking for Drummer & Vocals player

    Crew Name: Team Gold Star

    Requirements: Must play on Expert, have some DLC

    Our Goal: Reach Bloodstone and Get FBFCs! A few of us stream on Twitch.tv. We just placed #2 on the weekly spotlight scores with only myself putting up the top scores on instruments, so you won't have to grind the spotlight too much, as we have others to help out :) We will be one of the top crews out there!! we already are :)

    My GT: MadMassacre510 - im always online so feel free to shoot me up a msg!


  • jk17866

    I play guitar/bass

    Good chunk of DLC (Somewhere around 1300 songs.)
  • Bout to Dl rivals to play online multiplayer. Hmu:
  • itzJVitzJV Road Warrior
    Adding myself onto this list.

    Gamertag: itzJV
    Usually play bass and vocals.
    1400+ DLC and exports.
    Not a competitive person, play for fun.
  • 1200+ DLC, Expert everything! Add me on the good ol xbox! GT: MEGAxBLAZIKEN
  • Please add me I Rwanda play with peeps real!!!!!!!!!!!$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$#!!!!!!!!$!!!$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Plzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • I play hard/expert on guitar and expert vocals and I have no Rockband friends.
    Gamer tag is Psychoticbox.
  • What is up my dudes looking for some band mates to play on rock band I play expert guitar pretty decent but not so good with FC's I got 300 songs my GT is Number5LargeFry add me and message me saying band member please and thank you
  • CorazonCorazon Unsigned
    Feel free to add me also - GT is Corazon le Leon. Expert vocals and happy to play with anyone - add away!
  • IGN: CaptainLiru

    975 Skill Guitar / 970 Bass! Have about 340 dlc, a lot of metal, hard rock and classic!
  • ThumprrThumprr Unsigned
    GT: Thumprr

    mostly play bass (965), about 500 songs.
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