Bluetooth speaker recommendations for Android

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good (and preferably affordable) bluetooth speaker? I use my Android phone to play Dropmix, but would like something with better audio.
I have a Bose SoundTouch speaker that sounds phenomenal, but unfortunately it only supports a short list of apps.


  • I recommend the Ion Explorer Outback. Most places sell it for a price hovering around $100.
  • JerrithJerrith Unsigned
    I like the JBL Pulse 3. Not cheap, but the light show (in the right mode) goes well with the lights / theme of DropMix, and it does sound good. It also has a standard headphone 1/8" input.

    I'd tried one of the small square portable Bose speakers as well, but was disappointed in the amount of Bluetooth audio lag I experienced with it. You could tap two menu items to change screens and you'd see the third screen before you heard the sound effect for the first tap...
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