display downloaded songs only in quickplay

is there a way in my music libarary when playing locally using quickplay to display only songs that i have purchased and downloaded, thus not showing all the songs that come on the rock band 4 CD while scrolling


  • LeCH24LeCH24 Opening Act
    Yes. Hold the blue fret, scroll down to song source and use the filters.

  • ok what would the method and buttons needed be for doing this with the main playstation controller
  • LeCH24LeCH24 Opening Act
    Along the bottom of the screen there's a list of button prompts. One will say "HOLD (filters)" or something like that. Hold that button.
  • alright thank you
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    I believe the corresponding button is the square button.
  • Play Songs
    Press the Square button
    Scroll down to---Sort by song source
    Shows newly downloaded first on top
    But also shows some other downloaded songs on the bottom of the screen below the songs on the cd such as rock band 3 and 2 songs example freebird,,,,down with the sickness etc i wish i could get those songs into the newly downloaded list at the very top but hey , i will take it ,there arent that many of those and i can try to commit those to memory,they are classic, go to songs

    thanks so much love your forums
  • LiveHomeVideoLiveHomeVideo Trying too hard
    To do filters, hold the square button, as opposed to pressing it. Because there are so many functions, they had to bind some of them to holding the button as opposed to just pressing it. Also worth noting, any songs you get that are Rock Band Rewind tracks will be under the setlist they originated from, so they will be hidden if you only have "Downloaded Songs" enabled.
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