Syncing 2 Jaguar Guitars in RB4 Rivals (PS4)

Haven’t picked up RB4 Rivals in a long time. Have a friend interested in playing, so I bought an extra PDP Fender Jaguar guitar so we could make a band and both play guitar.
However, I can only get 1 guitar to sync at a time. I’ve tried going into Bluetooth devices, hitting the pairing button on the 2nd guitar, but I can only get one guitar to show on the Bluetooth device list at a time. Tried fresh batteries, resetting PS4.
What am I doing wrong?


  • stixman6stixman6 Unsigned
    I believe each guitar needs to be assigned a separate user profile ... have you tried that?
  • DarkthorDarkthor Unsigned
    I can’t get both Guitars to connect at the same time. One will sync and the other won’t.
  • stixman6stixman6 Unsigned
    Interesting ... I can sync 2 guitars at the same time but I have one Jaguar and one Strat; don't have 2 Jags to try. Could it be possible that you cannot use 2 Jags simultaneously on PS4? ... that wouldn't make much sense
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