Fritzy Katz's Rock Band 5 2018 Wishlist (With Tiers and Wishlist DLC)



  • It's Sunday. Time for me to post the last Weekly Wishlist DLC for March. But before that, you're probably wondering what's going to replace Bad Company, now that it's Official RB4 DLC. Well, this song will be replacing it. :)

    - Terry Jacks - Seasons In The Sun (Le Moribond) (Band Tier: Warmup)

    Yeah, I know, it's a song that has been bashed by many critics, because they were critical with Terry Jacks' re-writing of a classic Belgian hit. But I beg to differ: I actually liked the song. And some songs that has been deemed the worst has already made their way to Rock Band in some form (Either as a On-Disc (What's Up?) or DLC (Ice, Ice, Baby), but I liked some of them. Seasons In The Sun, the reason why I stand by my decision to like it, is because I like Oldies music, as mentioned earlier. So long story short: I care less for the negative reception that the song has, and liked it because it's a Oldies song.

    And now for the first half of the Wishlist DLC for the last Week of March. The first half will be a 8-song pack of a long overdue band, ZZ Top. Hear's the 8 songs that I've chosen for this pack.

    - Tush: Now this song is a twanger (twang + banger). One of my favorite songs from ZZ Top's vast Discography, and a very fun song to listen to.
    - Gimme All Your Lovin': The album, Eliminator, has three songs in this pack. This is one of them, the opening track and the first single off the said album. Another one of my favorites, a cool song that I've enjoyed thanks to The Santa Clause (One of my favorite Christmas films).
    - Sharp Dressed Man: The second of the 3 songs off from Eliminator. It was also the first ZZ Top song that was used in the first Guitar Hero game (Which was also the first time that it was used in a Harmonix game), and it's also one of my favorites from ZZ Top's Discography. Another good twanger that I loved.
    - Legs: The third and last song from Eliminator. Another good song that has, in my opinion, a really good music video that I can enjoy watching. The song, like with the previous two songs from the same album as it, is also a twanger that I enjoyed.
    - Sleeping Bag: Afterburner will have 2 songs for this pack. This is the first one, it's a cool song that I enjoyed. It also has a very cool music video, too (Sad that the Eliminator Coupe was destroyed in the music video).
    - Stages: This the other Afterburner song. It's another cool song that I liked as well. It's more drum focused than guitar focus, like most of ZZ Top's songs, but it's still a cool song.
    - Doubleback: Here's a song that is from Back To The Future III's soundtrack. Another good twanger that I enjoyed listening to, like most of ZZ Top's discography.
    - Pincushion: This is the last song of the pack, and I'm glad that I've chosen this song for the last song, because after listening to it recently, I immediately liked this song instantly, because it's a really good twanger that I've enjoyed listening to.

    This pack will be joined by these 4 singles. One of them is the Last Weekly DLC of the Month, while the other 3 are tied to this theme: The last 4 letters of the Alphabet. ZZ Top represents Z, so the other songs are represented by W, X, and Y respectively.

    - War on War: I've seen quite a few members of the RB Community mentioning Wilco as a favorite of theirs. And then I listened to this song, which is my choice from them, and after listening to it, I can see why. It's a really cool song that I enjoyed listening to. I wouldn't mind seeing some Wilco in Rock Band, if it ever comes.
    - Silent Jealousy: As stated before on Last Month's Last Weekly DLC of the Month, X Japan is my favorite Japanese Rock band, and I was ecstatic, yet surprised that they came to Rock Band 2 via a free 20 DLC song pack. And this is my favorite song from them. It's a epic banger that has a very crazy Piano part just before the insane guitar solo. And it's also part of a Setlist Expansion for my Rock Band 5's Setlist. So do I count this as a Rewind? Yes, I do. So, Setlist Expansion songs are counted as Rewinds.
    - American You: As I mentioned before, I'm not very keen on modern Hip-hop (Liking classic HH over it), but I chose this song, because it was in Guitar Hero Live's GHTV mode. I say it's a decent song, except for the profane lyrics, which kinda turns me off. But still, it's a decent song, and I wouldn't mind seeing it in Rock Band.
    - Last Song of the Month: Next Sunday will be Easter (And thus, there will not be any Wishlist DLC on that day). And what's a better way to celebrate the occasion by using this song, which is a cover of a hit for a Garage Rock band known as The Strangeloves. But only this band, which was namedropped by my favorite Alternative band, RHCP, on their song, Suck My Kiss, made it even more popular. It was going to be in Guitar Hero 80's, but was dropped in the final version. Which is a shame, because it's one of my favorite New Wave songs, and a really good banger.

    So, without further ado, here is ZZ Top Essentials 01.

    =ZZ Top Essentials 01=
    - Doubleback (Band Tier: Moderate (SPOTLIGHT PASS SONG)
    - Gimme All Your Lovin' (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Legs (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Pincushion (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Sharp Dressed Man (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Sleeping Bag (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Stages (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Tush (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Bow Wow Wow - I Want Candy (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Wilco - War on War (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - X Japan - Silent Jealousy (Rock Band 5 Rewind (2nd Setlist Expansion Song)
    - Yelawolf - American You (Band Tier: Warmup)

    The second half of this Week's DLC will come on Wednesday. :)
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    A previously announced Wishlist DLC from the first thread is now officially announced as Official RB DLC? Even Speedwagon is excited. :)

    - I Want You by Savage Garden has been officially announced as Official Rock Band DLC! (Link to the original announcement thread (Hence why I've posted the "Even Speedwagon is excited" bit at the end of the first paragraph).

    It's nice to see a kinda rare artist get a song for a DLC, as Savage Garden got more exposure of their discography thanks to it's inclusion in the Diamond Is Unbreakable Arc of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I'm actually excited for this song, because I've taken a liking for it after listening to it on Youtube last year. And I'm super excited that it's a Spotlight Pass Song, which means, I'll be adding it to my Rock Band 4 Library.

    As usual, I'll await for comparisons from either @MCSMeister or @Vexus with my tiering of the song.

    EDIT: Fixed a typo error.
  • I've promised Atreyu for this month, but because of tight scheduling, I've moved it back to next month, which is April. And speaking of which, hear's what other artists you can expect to see in April.

    - Band of Horses
    - Boston
    - The Cowsills
    - Billy Idol
    - Linkin Park
    - Oasis
    - A Perfect Circle (Album Preview - Eat The Elephant)
    - The Presidents of the United States of America
    - Scorpions
    - Talking Heads
    - Tame Impala
    - The White Stripes
    - and More to come in April

    The first Wishlist DLC of April will come in April 2nd, because April 1st will be Easter. The second half of the Wishlist DLC for the last week of March will come later today, once I learn the theme for RB4's Rivals Mode Season 5 this week. (I want to include a pack that ties in with the theme for that season's weekly challenge theme). :)
  • Radiohead97Radiohead97 Rising Star
    I was hoping you could do a pack showcasing songs from Jack White's latest album Boarding House Reach. In my opinion, it's delightfully weird and worth checking out.
  • For some reason, I can't connect my laptop to my Xbox via the wi-fi at my student flat, but I can do it at home. So here's your tier prediction comparison, with screenshot magic!
    Guitar: 1 below
    Drums: Accurate
    Vocals: 1 above
    Bass: 1 below
    Genre: Accurate - something I brought up since my prediction for Unwritten was (arguably) inaccurate on that one.

    Pretty dang close, in other words.

    @Radiohead97 I've checked out the new Jack White album on Amazon Music, and I have to say that I've enjoyed it. So, just for you, I'll be presenting this special Wishlist DLC pack of the album in question. And these will be the three songs I've chosen.

    - Connected by Love: Chosen because it's the highest charting song from the album. I taken a liking for this song, because it kinda reminds me of 1960s R&B/Soul/Funk songs done by Motown, PIR (Philadelphia International Records), and such. Cool, yet soulful, which makes me want to bang my head and body.
    - Ice Station Zebra: Of the songs in the new Jack White album, this one is my second favorite. It reminds me of 1980s Funk Rock (Namely Fishbone) in terms of melody. It's funky, yet jazzy, which is my favorite type of music. Definitely a good banger that I should request sometime in the future.
    - Over and Over and Over: Interesting that this song was originally planned to be recorded by Jack White's previous bands, but I'm glad he managed to record it for his new album, because this song is my overall favorite of the album's track list. Anyways, reason for me choosing this this is because it's made itself into the charts. I'm glad to have chosen this song for this special pack that I put my heart and soul for this request, because it's a definite banger that I enjoyed. My impression of the song is Greta Van Fleet meets Pre-Blood Sugar Sex Magik RHCP, which I enjoyed.

    So, without further ado, here it is... As requested by @Radiohead97, Selections from Jack White - Boarding House Reach.

    - Connected by Love (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Ice Station Zebra (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Over and Over and Over (Band Tier: Challenging)

    This is the first time I did a Wishlist DLC pack by Request. And I'm glad I did this one, because it got me exposed to more of Jack White's discography. Eccentric personality aside, he is a very talented musician that I enjoyed listening to. And his new album was pretty cool overall, so I thank @Radiohead97 for introducing me to new, yet cool songs from Jack White's solo career, because one of my main reasons that I'm a fan of Rock Band is because I like to discover new music. The planned second half of this week's Wishlist DLC will still be coming. :)

    @Vexus I saw your comparison of Harmonix's official tier with my own. I have to say that I'm happy that I've gotten so close to matching Harmonix (Even though, I've only matched one instrument). I'm definitely going to have some fun playing I Want You once it comes to PS4 (My system).
  • @Vexus I saw your comparison of Harmonix's official tier with my own. I have to say that I'm happy that I've gotten so close to matching Harmonix (Even though, I've only matched one instrument). I'm definitely going to have some fun playing I Want You once it comes to PS4 (My system).

    I haven't played the song yet (going to wait for the Rivals challenge to start) so I can't say who's more accurate. Mercifully drums is the one instrument I don't try, though I'll attempt vocals last so I'll have heard the song at least twice.

    Generally pop-rock isn't difficult on bass, and is also pretty easy on guitar unless it's Orianthi. We'll see, I guess.
  • And now for the second half of this week's Weekly Wishlist DLC and this week's Wishlist Thread Weekly Challenge theme. :)

    With Easter coming up this Sunday, our second half of this Week's Wishlist DLC is a pack of 3 songs themed around Easter. I'm basing it on these three elements: Chocolate (Which is a popular-type of candy for Easter), The Easter Bunny, and the month of April. So, hear are the three songs for those elements.

    - Chocolate (Chocolate): Guitar Hero Live helped me got exposed to the discography of The 1975. Quite a pretty cool band, with really funky-sounding melody in their music, which I heard in the song, Girls. I've recently listened to their bigger hit, which is this song. And it's just as fun and energetic as Girls. I hope The 1975 will make their debut in Rock Band proper soon, because I would like to play their songs on Vocals.
    - Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up (Easter Bunny): I haven't gotten into much of Florence + The Machine, until I heard their beautiful cover of Stand By Me for Final Fantasy XV. When I heard it, I was awe-strucked by how wonderful it sounded compared to the original, and I've loved the fact that they incorporated the Final Fantasy Prelude theme into the melody. Like with the above song, I listened to this song just recently, and I find it a surprisingly, good banger. I'm glad I've chosen this one for my Easter pack.
    - You Could Have Been a Lady (April): I heard bits of this song on someone's Wishlist for Rock Band 4. As a fan of Classic Rock music, I have to say that I enjoyed this song, because it's a banger. Canada has some pretty solid music acts that I've gotten to enjoy or had enjoyed, but didn't knew that were from Canada until recently, and April Wine is no exception.

    And this pack will be joined by another pack, which relates to whatever the Weekly Challenge Theme for Rock Band 4 is. And this week's theme is April Showers, which is one of the themes I have planned for April's Wishlist DLC. So, the pack will be a 3-song pack of Rain-themed songs. And the three songs are...

    - Raining In Baltimore: I haven't listened to Counting Crows much, outside from Omaha, which I heard from the same video wishlist for Rock Band 4 that had You Could Have Been a Lady, and Accidentally in Love (But I did heard bits of Angels of the Silence, and it sounded pretty good enough for me to want to see it in Rock Band). This song was listened to just recently, and it was chosen because it was on a Spotify playlist of Rainy day songs. It's a soothing, yet cool song. It's alt-charted. The Piano part is the Guitar Chart, and the Accordion part is the Bass Chart. But still, not a bad Deep-cut.
    - Sunset Soon Forgotten: Just like with Raining In Baltimore above, this song was chosen because it was in a Spotify Playlist for Rainy Day Songs. And just like the song above it, it's another soothing, yet cool deep cut that has no Drum Chart, upon listening it on Youtube.
    - Kokoro no Kakera: In celebration of the release of Ni no Kuni II, I wanted to include the theme from the first Ni no Kuni game into my Wishlist Thread. I have not played Ni no Kuni yet, but I probably should at some point. I have watched films from Studio Ghibli (Namely the Hayao Miyazaki films (My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away were the first two that I've watched and liked), and I was awed by the music talents of Joe Hisashi, and he did a really good job of composing the in-game music of Ni no Kuni, which I heard in a Let's Play video of Final Fantasy VI (My favorite game of the Final Fantasy series).
    I immediately thought of the one scene in Totoro, where the two girls meets the Totoro character in the rain. That gave me the idea to include the Ni no Kuni game's theme song into my Rainy Day songs pack. As expected of a song that was composed by Joe Hisashi, it's a beautiful song that is so heart wrenching, that it's enough to make me shed tears. It's just a beautiful piece of emotional tearjerker music.

    So, without further ado, here is Fritzy Katz's Easter Selections with Rainy Day Tunes.

    =Fritzy Katz's Easter Selections=
    - The 1975 - Chocolate (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - April Wine - You Could Have Been a Lady (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Florence + The Machine - Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (Band Tier: Moderate)
    =Rainy Day Tunes=
    - Counting Crows - Raining in Baltimore (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Iron and Wine - Sunset Soon Forgotten (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Mai Fujisawa - Kokoro no Kakera (Band Tier: Solid)
    =RB52018 Weekly Challenge Season 2 Week 4: Senior Virtuosoes=
    - Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna Live (On-Disc Spotlight)
    - The Monkees - Pleasant Valley Sunday (Setlist Expansion Spotlight)
    - ZZ Top - Doubleback (Spotlight Pass Spotlight)

    April 2nd is when the first April Wishlist DLC will come. I hope you're looking forward to it. :)
  • Radiohead97Radiohead97 Rising Star
    Wow, didn't expect you to go for the request. I really appreciate it man
  • And now for something completely different.

    Tomorrow is Easter, and as you know, I won't be posting Wishlist DLC on that day (Because I gotta celebrate Easter like I would with any holiday). But I'll be posting something today. Are you eager to know what it is?

    - Johann Sebastian Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Fantasia Version)
    - Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovski - Nutcracker Suite (Fantasia Version)
    - Paul Dukas - The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Fantasia Version)
    - Igor Stravinsky - Rite of Spring (Fantasia Version)
    - Ludwig van Beethoven - The Pastoral Symphony (Fantasia Version)
    - Amilcare Ponchielli - Dance of the Hours (Fantasia Version)
    - Modest Muggorgsky - Night on Bald Mountain (Fantasia Version)
    - Franz Schubert - Ava Maria (Fantasia Version)

    Yes, it's the entire soundtrack to the first Fantasia film, made by Disney. For the first time, Fritzy Katz (Which is me) has broken the barrier and allowed Classical Music to be used as Rock Band DLC. I have watched the very first Fantasia film as a kid, and I loved it. It gave me appreciation for Classical music, which is beautifully, composed masterpieces. As these songs are the version that appeared in Fantasia, the DeFacto artist that recorded all of these songs are Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra. But the original composer is credited.

    Anyways, as mentioned earlier. The first DLC of April will be on April 2nd. Oh, and one more thing before I forget... (Please open the spoiler box)

    Happy (Early) April Fool's (Yeah, I'm aware it's Easter tomorrow, but it's also April Fool's as well, which is why I've done this early)

    This is not actual Wishlist DLC, but an early April Fool's joke that I did for enjoyment. If this was actual Wishlist DLC, then I would've posted three things: a DLC Card-based Artwork, a Youtube Video link for the songs and a Tier link for the songs. But I did not, so nope, this isn't actual Wishlist DLC. As much as I like Classical music, I think the genre is not well suited for Rock Band.

    Having said this, however, I do have something planned for this year, in a future month: A Band-centric side game for a band that has not been in Rock Band yet. Hear's a teaser collage of that band's Discography.

    I hope you're looking forward to what's in store for this year. :)
  • I'm just reminded of the Bachsmith packs from Rocksmith. Been meaning to pick them up for a while now, but they're classical songs arranged for guitars. I would legit be up for seeing something like them in RB.

    ...not enough to put them in my own thread, but you know. :tongue:
  • It's April 2nd, time for me to post the very first, not-a-April Fools Joke, Wishlist DLC of April. :)

    Because it's the first week of April, it's time for another one of my Monthly Deep-Cuts series of Wishlist DLC packs, with these following artists, Band of Horses, the Scorpions, and Spacehog. Hear's the 3 songs in this pack.

    - Whatever, Wherever: I've gotten into Band of Horses discography thanks to Guitar Hero 5, which had the song, Cigarettes and Wedding Bands. That song, and The Funeral are so far my favorites from their discography. The song that appeared in Rock Band VR, Casual Party, is pretty cool too. This song, which is from the same album as Casual Party, is a little more folkie than the mentioned 3, but it's a pretty cool song as well.
    - China White: I'm happy that we finally have a song I know and I like from Scorpions discography for Rock Band 4. But am I disappointed that it isn't the original version of No One Like You from the Blackout album? A little, but I digress. I think the re-record that was in Comeblack sounded pretty cool, but not as awesome as the original recording from Blackout or the twice as awesome Live Recording from World Wide Live. But still, I think that if we get any new songs from them, it'll probably be from the Comeblack album. Anyways, this cool song here is from the Blackout album, and is just as cool as Scorpions other songs.
    - Space Is The Place: While I do like In The Meantime, which is Spacehog's biggest hit song. This song, which is from the same album, Resident Alien, is also pretty cool. A fun and energetic banger that I enjoyed listening to, as I listened to it just yesterday. And it's such a shame that Harmonix will not go after it, because it's a minor single that never made the charts (Spacehog did had other charted songs, like Mungo City for example, but those songs hasn't matched the success of In The Meantime, which is sad when I think about it).

    This pack will be joined by another pack, a 3-song pack of a band that has the Rock Band Community's most favorite DLC Pack from the very first Rock Band game, and technically the very first Full Album pack. That band is Boston. As much as I'm happy we got all the songs from their first self-titled album (And that album alone helped me discovered more of there discography beyond More Than a Feeling). But I wish we had songs from their other albums, like Amanda, Don't Look Back, and these 3 songs that is in this pack.

    - A Man I'll Never Be: First song is from the Don't Look Back album, which is this soft and gentle number that serves as the second single off that album. It's a pretty nice and cool sounding song, and I wouldn't mind seeing it if this was the next song from Boston's discography that we get as a RB4 DLC (Though, I bet my money that the first new Boston DLC for RB4 will be a Rewind of Foreplay/Longtime from Rock Band 1. But I could be wrong).
    - Feelin' Satisfied: Next, also from the Don't Look Back album is this rockin' Banger that serves as the third single from the album. I heard it on a Classic Rock Radio Station on Amazon Music, and I immediately liked it. It's just as fun and energetic like most of the songs from Boston's first album, which I liked.
    - Higher Power: And finally, from the band's Greatest Hits album, is this cool banger. What's so cool about previously unreleased songs from the Greatest Hits album is they tend to be hidden gems that not many of the Rock Band Community would be aware of, and this song is one of those gems. I've listened to it on a Youtube video that showed fanart of Pokémon (This is how I discovered Innuendo and Bridge to Nowhere), and then I discovered that the song was from a Greatest Hits album of Boston's discography. Like with most of Boston's songs, it's fun and energetic.

    But wait, there's more... There will be one more song that will join the two packs.

    - Canon Rock: Welp, it looks like my April Fools Joke of me putting in Classical Music into my Wishlist DLC was well-received. Quite much, that @Vexus mentioned about the Bachsmith pack from Rocksmith, and said that he wouldn't mind seeing Guitar arranged versions of famous Classical Music works in Rock Band, for reals. So, I figured, why don't I put in a Guitar arranged version of a famous Classical Music piece as Official DLC? And I've got the perfect song for that: A Rock-version of Johanne Pachelbel's Canon in D, done by the talented, Taiwanese YouTube guitarist, JerryC. This song was one of the main reasons why I've gotten into Guitar-rhythm games in the first place, it's a fun, energetic, banger that I enjoyed.

    So, without further ado. Hear is the Monthly Deep Cuts 04 and Boston 02 packs.

    =Monthly Deep Cuts 04=
    - Band of Horses - Whatever, Wherever (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - Scorpions - China White (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Spacehog - Space Is The Place (Band Tier: Challenging)
    =Boston 02=
    - Feelin' Satisfied (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Higher Power (Band Tier: Challenging (SPOTLIGHT PASS SONG)
    - A Man I'll Never Be (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    =Extra Song=
    - JerryC - Canon Rock (Pachelbel's Canon in D) (Band Tier: Nightmare)

    You might noticed that in my Wishlist DLC Card that I've hidden some words in the background. These words are from a lyrics to a song from the mystery band's Band-centric game that will be coming later. This will continue until a certain date. Anyways, next half of this Week's DLC will come in Wednesday as usual. :)
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    Looks like the streak of songs announced from my Wishlist has continued. :)

    - Run-Around (Blues Traveler) and Steal My Sunshine (Len) has been officially announced as Official Rock Band DLC, and will be added to the Rock Band DLC Library this week.

    This marks the first time, since Ain't It Fun (Paramore), which was originally in my Rock Band 5's On-Disc Setlist (Before it was replaced by Love Bites (So Do I (Halestorm)), that I had a song from my On-Disc Setlist from my first Wishlist announced as official DLC. I had Run-Around in my 1st Wishlist, after taking a liking for Hook, when it became Official DLC before I joined the RB Community. It sounded pretty cool, upon first listen. I'm definitively excited for the song, once it comes this Thursday.

    And also, finally making it's proper debut in Rock Band, after making it's first Harmonix game debut in DropMix, of all games, is Steal My Sunshine, a nice late 1990s One-Hit Wonder that copies a sample from another One-Hit Wonder song, but from the 1970s, known as More, More, More by Andrea True Connection. I enjoyed the song when I first saw it on MTV, and it has been, and will always be, one of my favorite Alternative rock songs from the 1990s.

    Quick Links to the Tiers
    - Run-Around's Tier
    - Steal My Sunshine's Tier

    As usual, I'll await until @MCSMeister or @Vexus does comparisons to my tierings.

    NOTE: Due to a recent message from @MCSMeister about him going on a trip, it looks like the only possible user to do comparisons to my tiers at the moment will be @Vexus (unless MCS comes back earlier from his trip).
  • Well alright, but it won't look as spiffy as last week!
  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior
    I mean, there's no rush, you can just wait until I'm back for the comparisons if you want. Though as it stands, I won't be back until Sunday, and I want to wait until I'm available to play the songs, so it may be a while. If it's too much of an inconvenience for @Vexus, then I don't want him to feel pressured. But seeing as how he usually posts his comparisons a day before they're even available for me (probably due to a regional difference), I'm sure he'd have beaten me to them anyway :p
  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior
    Never mind, the trip's been canceled, so I'll be around for comparisons as soon as I get to playing the songs :)
  • @MCSMeister Okay, Thanks for letting me know.

    Alright, time for me to post the second half of this Week's DLC. Last year, Rock Band did a Weekly Challenge theme based on the Coachella Music Festival. Even though, at the time, it was my first time learning about it, because I was aware of all the other big music festivals other then that one). So, I figured, why not do a pack for this year's Coachella festival.

    My pack will have all 3 of the Main Act artists (This year's Main Acts are The Weeknd, Eminem, and Beyoncé), 3 supporting (The other big acts to accompany the main acts) of my choice, and 2 extra acts of my choice. So, allow me to reveal the songs in this pack.

    - Pray For Me (The Weeknd): First up is the song from the latest Marvel Superhero film, Black Panther, from one of the newest Canadian Pop artists, The Weeknd (Though technically, it's a duet song with him and Kendrick Lamar (Who isn't performing in Coachella this year), but it counts). Reason why I chose this song... Well, I listened to some of the Weeknd Discography, to see if there's a fun and energetic songs that I would like to use, but most of his songs are cool, but somewhat boring to play if we got them as Official DLC. So in the end, I decided to go for this song, since it's his latest big hit on the charts, and it sounds pretty cool upon first listen.
    - Crazy In Love (Beyoncé): Next up is this song, by the talented former Destiny's Child member turned successful solo artist. I tooken a liking for this song when I heard a cover version on a DDR game for Playstation. Although, I would like to say that Beyoncé will be one of those impossible to get Big-name Pop Artists (next to Britney Spears, Madonna, and Taylor Swift), but since a few of her songs that are Master Tracks has appeared in Just Dance games, and she also did guest vocals on one of the Coldplay songs we have as DLC, Hymn of the Weekend, I can dare say that it's possible to get this song. And I hope we do, because this is a fun Pop song.
    - Berzerk (Eminem): Next is another song from my Rock Band VR 2 Setlist. Now, I'm going to be honest here: I'm not a big fan of Eminem's Discography (Even though, I respect people who are fans of his music). The only reason I chose this song for my Rock Band VR 2 discography is because it was in Guitar Hero Live, and it's probably the only Eminem song that I like. Profane lyrics aside, it's a decent, yet cool song that copies a sample from Billy Squier's The Stroke. But yeah, this song is the only song from Eminem that I like. The others, not so much. Moving on...
    - Birth In Reverse (Supporting 1): Next, we have a rewind from Rock Band 4. This song was a banger, and was very fun on Vocals when I played it. It helped me got exposed to St.Vincent's discography, and I'm glad that it did. It was a fun and energetic indie rock song.
    - Left Hand Free (Supporting 2): Our next song is another Rewind, this time from my Rock Band 5 Wishlist. Thanks to Guitar Hero Live, which was the first time I learned about the song, I've got myself to listen to the discography of alt-J. Since I liked the Indie Blues sounds of The White Stripes and The Black Keys, I've immediately tooken a liking for that song, because of it's Indie Blues-like sound. Such a cool banger, that I wished was in Rock Band 4.
    - People Say (Supporting 3): For this next song, I went with a song from Portugal. The Man's discography. Because I liked Feel It Still, so much, that was my reason why I went with PTM. I chose this song, since it was their first charting song. It sounded pretty cool, and enjoyable, which I liked.
    - Born To Be Free (Fritzy's Pick 1): I was surprised to learn that X Japan will be performing in this year's Coachella. And it was a good surprise too, because X Japan is my favorite Japanese Rock Band. I decided to go with their latest single, which is this song. Of course, their music isn't the same without Hide, but it's still good stuff. This song is a banger to listen to, much like most of X Japan's discography.
    - Good Times (Fritzy's Picks 2): While X Japan was a big surprise, probably the even bigger surprise is this band is also performing in this year's Coachella. And that band is Disco Legends, Chic. At first, I viewed them as a one-hit wonder band, as I knew one of their songs, Le Freak, at the time. But apparently, they were a much bigger band than I thought. So big, that they were nominated for Hall of Fame Induction 11 times. Anyways, this is the song I'm using for them (Saving Le Freak for another Setlist).

    Anyways, joining this pack, as usual, will be a pack of songs that corresponds to this week's Weekly Challenge theme for Rock Band 4's Rival Mode. And this week's Challenge theme is Sun and Summer. And immediately I had this thought in my head when I saw this week's Official DLC: Sunshine Pop. I need to do a pack dedicated to the 1960's genre known as Sunshine Pop.

    Sunshine Pop is a type of pop music from southern California that was quite popular in the mid-1960s. It's largely influenced by The Mamas and The Papas, The 5th Dimension, and Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys, and takes their name from Fruit, Colors, or Cosmic Aspects. For this pack, I've chosen 4 notable acts of the genre, and these are the four songs.

    - Cherish: First up is this song, from The Association, the band that is known for their hit song, Windy. It was covered by the late David Cassidy, of The Partridge Family fame, and is one of the band's big hits. It's a cool, yet gentle song that is enjoyable to listen to. The Association is one of the bigger bands of the Sunshine Pop genre, and is one of my favorite 1960s Old Rock bands.
    - Kites Are Fun: Next is this hit, from a Sunshine Pop band known as The Free Design, from New York. Though, they aren't as big as The Association, They are, however, a huge influence to the Japanese Shibuya Kei genre, and Beck. And one of their songs, Love You, was heard in Strange Than Fiction and Weeds. But I'm using this song, which is from the band's very first album, which has the same name as this song. It's another cool song that I liked upon first listen.
    - My World Fell Down: This next song is a cover of a minor hit for one of Tony Burrow's earlier bands, The Ivy League. It was covered by this band known as Sagittarius, who are a less successful band of the Sunshine Pop genre, but has gained a cult following in later times. Country legend, Glen Campbell, did the lead vocals on the cover. The version used will be the Single Version. I enjoyed the song, because it was enjoyable, much like most Oldies songs.
    - Sunday Mornin': Last but not least, is this song from a kinda big artist of the Sunshine Pop genre, Spanky and Our Gang. The band is known for the song, Sunday Will Never Be The Same (Which a parody cover was used in a Plymouth commercial). This song, however, is a smaller hit that was written by Margo Guryen, which was also covered by Oliver, who is known for the song, Good Morning Starshine, from the Hair musical. Like with other three songs in the pack, I enjoyed it.

    But oh man, I've been going on and on about the songs in both Wishlist DLC Packs that I'm going to have to split this into two posts, much like I did with the RHCP pack that I did a few months ago. So, without further ado, in the next post below, I present the Coachella Highlights 2018 and the Sunshine Pop Picks.
  • (Continued from previous post)

    =Coachella Highlights 2018=
    - alt-J - Left Hand Free (Rock Band 5 Rewind)
    - Beyoncé - Crazy In Love (Feat. Jay-Z) (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Chic - Good Times (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Eminem - Berzerk (Band Tier: Apprentice)
    - Portugal. The Man - People Say (Band Tier: Solid)
    - St.Vincent - Birth In Reverse (Rock Band 4 Rewind)
    - The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar - Pray For Me (Band Tier: Solid)
    - X Japan - Born to Be Free (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    =Sunshine Pop Picks=
    - The Association - Cherish (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - The Free Design - Kites Are Fun (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Sagittarius - My World Fell Down (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Spanky and Our Gang - Sunday Mornin' (Band Tier: Moderate)
    =RB52018 Weekly Challenge Season 2 Week 5: Rising Stars of The Music World=
    - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Aeroplane (On-Disc Spotlight)
    - The 1975 - Girls (Setlist Expansion Spotlight)
    - Boston - Higher Power (Spotlight Pass Spotlight)

    The DLC Card is inspired by the colors of the Weekly Challenge Reveal Card for the Coachella-themed Challenge. Now, I've used some certain album covers for some of the song's Tiers. For Crazy In Love, I've used the Single cover, as the album that the song originated from had Beyoncé wearing something revealing. For Born to Be Free, I used X Japan's band logo, because of the S&M elements from the song's single cover.

    Next week's Wishlist DLC will be coming Sunday, as usual. :)
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    It's time for PAX East to start, which is a very important event for Harmonix. And I figured why don't I post a special Wishlist DLC to commemorate the special occasion. So, I figured why don't I do a song pack of Boston-based Bands and Musicians. Harmonix has helped me got exposed to most of Boston's unsung heroes of the music industry, and I thank them for allowing me to discover what Bean Town had to offer.

    This special DLC pack has a total of twelve songs, 11 of them are from my Rock Band VR 2 setlist, while one of them is not. The 12 songs are...

    - Do The Boob: First up is this song, from this Bostonian Punk rock act, The Real Kids, led by former The Modern Lovers guitarist, John Felice. A really banging song that I discovered via the D.I.Y. Mass. Ave: The Boston Scene compilation album. (The album also had a Mission to Burma song and The Cars song that are DLC already).
    - No Place Like Home: Next song is from The Neighborhoods, who did the song, Parasite, on Guitar Hero 2's On-Disc Setlist as one of the bonus songs. This song is the B-Side to their first single, Prettiest Girl, and is also on the D.I.Y. Mass. Ave: The Boston Scene album. It's a really nice banger that I've gotten to enjoy.
    - When Things Go Wrong: Third song is from the talented Robin Lane, who is the daughter of the Pianist for the legendary Dean Martin, Ken Lane, and her band, The Chartbusters. The song was also one of the first music videos shown on MTV, and is also on the D.I.Y. Mass. Ave: The Boston Scene album. It's a pretty cool song that I liked, and I am glad to have discover it.
    - I Always Call Her Back: Fourth song from this pack is this tune from Garage-styled Rock band, The Del Fuegos, which is fronted by Dan Zanes, who later on find success as a Children's Music artist. Like with the previous songs above, this song was in the D.I.Y. Mass. Ave: The Boston Scene album. And it's also a really good banger that I enjoyed listening to.
    - Stalagamite: Fifth song from this pack is from the 8-member Funk band, Chucklehead, from their album, Big Wet Kiss. The band was praised by The Village Voice, Source Magazine, and has made an appearance on MTV's Like We Care. Chucklehead produced 3 albums, until splitting in 1997, and recently, they reformed. This song is a funky banger that sounds very similar to Pre-Blood Sugar Sex Magik RHCP, which I like.
    - Jeremy Parker: Sixth song in this pack is by 90's Indie Rockers, Swirlies, from their EP, Blonder Tongue Audio Baton. The band was original going to be a the Go-Go's cover band, until they decided to play their own music. It went through several lineup changes, but always had one member, Damon Tutunjian. It's a pretty cool song upon first listen to.
    - American Hearts: Seventh Song in this pack is from Boston's Post-Hardcore act, Piebald, from the album, We Are The Only Friends We Have. The band participated in a 1994 Battles of the Band and lost. But in spite of this, this song became popular on MTV and College Radio. Piebald splitted in 2008, but reformed in 2016. The song is another banger that I enjoyed listening to.
    - Elephant Bones: Eighth Song in this pack is a familiar song from funny, yet awesome, That Handsome Devil. The song in question is from Guitar Hero 2's Setlist, and it's one of my faves. It's been since Rock Band 2 since we had a new song from THD (Rob The Prez-O-Dent was a good banger), and I hope we get this song next, because like with Rob The Prez-O-Dent, it's a banger that I like.
    - Shining On: Ninth Song in this pack is from Boston's other notable Ska Punk act, Big D and the Kids Table, from the album, Strictly Rude. While it may not be as fun and energetic sounding as anything from The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, but it's still a good song. Sadly, the Ska Punk genre is largely under represented, which is a sad shame, because Ska-Punk is one of my favorite Genres of music.
    - Self Portrait: Tenth Song in this pack is from one of the artists from the 2017 March Update (And my favorite of the 11 songs' Artists), Black Beach. I've enjoyed the song they had, No Place For Me, that I would like to use another song from them. So I checked if they had a Bandcamp site, and they did, which was cool. So I checked out their Bandcamp, and found this song from their album, Shallow Creatures. I checked it the song and I immediately liked it. I hope Harmonix can get more songs from this band, because they are a pretty cool band.
    - Fuel Heart: Eleventh Song in this pack, is this song from a new and rising musician from the largest city of New England, Carissa Johnson, from her album, Only Roses. I had to check out this song, just today, and I enjoyed it, because it's a banger. This song is the only song that isn't from Rock Band VR. And finally...
    - Working Nights: Last, but not least, is this new song from one of the artists from the 2016 December Update, Bearstronaut. I saw them perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which was amazing. It makes me happy to see that a small band from Boston is getting some recognition from one of the biggest talk shows of the 21st Century. I figured, why don't I use a new song from them for a future Wishlist DLC?
    So, I discovered this song, which was presented by @MCSMeister on @LiveHomeVideo's tiering thread, and I went with that song. And I listened to it, and I liked it immediately. It was funky, it was fun, and it was energetic. I dare say that I like it more than Shadow, because it's a banger that I've enjoyed. I hope Harmonix will get this song, because I wouldn't mind seeing some more Bearstronaut as DLC. And so, without further ado, here is the Straight Outta Boston pack.

    - Bearstronaut - Working Nights (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Black Beach - Self Portrait (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Big D and the Kids Table - Shining On (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Carissa Johnson - Fuel Heart (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Chucklehead - Stalagamite (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - The Del Fuegos - I Always Call Her Back (Band Tier: Impossible)
    - The Neighborhoods - No Place Like Home (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Piebald - American Hearts (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - The Real Kids - Do The Boob (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Robin Lane and the Chartbusters - When Things Go Wrong (Band Tier: Warmup)
    - Swirlies - Jeremy Parker (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - That Handsome Devil - Elephant Bones (Band Tier: Moderate)

    I didn't do it on the previous Wishlist DLC's Card, but on this one, I hidden some parts of lyrics from another song from my planned Band-Centric game's mystery band. Anyways, look forward to the Wishlist DLC that's coming this Sunday. :)
  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior
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    Wow, I'm really happy to see I'm spreading the Bearstronaut and my requests are being noticed! It's interesting how your tier differs from @LiveHomeVideo's tier; as I said in my post on her thread, I actually think drums would be more fitting at devils because of how crazy they get, so I agree with you there. I don't necessarily agree with vocals being 5 dots compared to her 3 as there'd be a lot of talkies, but outside of that, you matched her on bass and only differed a dot on guitar. I don't blame you at all for liking this more than "Shadow" because it's a lot more adventurous for them, though I still love the Telecoast album dearly. Oh, and an awesome pack idea, by the way. I seriously hope we can see some artists from the free Boston batches return to the game.

    Also, I plan on getting the tier comparisons up tomorrow. I was able to play "Steal My Sunshine" on everything today, but didn't get time to do "Run-Around" on everything, so I'll wrap that up tomorrow. Also, even though @TuleRune tiered "Run-Around", I'm not going to do a three-way comparison with him because miraculously, his tier matched Harmonix's exactly, as you saw in my post on his thread. So, there'd be no point in having two identical tiers there. Anyway, stay tuned :)
  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior
    "Run-Around" comparison

    Guitar is spot-on, drums and bass are one dot off, while vocals are two dots off. Honestly, while I think "Hook" is easily the harder vocals song of the two Blues Traveler songs we have in Rock Band (mostly because of the fast part), this one more than deserves devils too, only because Popper's singing style is very unique. But because of that, I can understand why you'd tier it a 4. Interesting how everyone (TuleRune included) agreed on 5 dots for guitar. I'm almost surprised Harmonix didn't tier it devils because of the three harmonica solos, but I guess a 5 makes sense because the actual guitar part is pretty easy (if a little hand-cramping), and the second harmonica solo is really the most difficult one of the three.

    "Steal My Sunshine" comparison

    Very close! Bass and vocals are perfect, while guitar and drums are only a dot off. I will say that while nothing deserves more than a dot on this song IMO, I can see why you'd tier drums the highest, because I personally found them to be the most enjoyable aspect of the song. Even if they are repetitive, the fast kicks and the "More, More, More" drum sample during the breaks made it surprisingly fun and active for a 1-dot chart.
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    @MCSMeister So, it's 1 out of 4 and 2 out of 4 respectively, huh? Not bad. :)

    I can definitely agree with you that John Popper is a solid vocalist. And upon playing the song on Expert on my first time, I can definitely agree with Harmonix giving Run-Around a Devil-tier on Vocals (It was a hard vocal song, but it was still fun to play). And as for the other two instruments that I missed, the drums seemed fast paced, but I wasn't sure if Harmonix was going to tier it a 3-dot, since Harmonix can and could possibly undertier it like they have done in the past, which is why I gave it a 2. But Harmonix tiered it a 3, so I agree with them. I can also agree with Harmonix's decision to tier Bass it a 3. My reason to tier it a 2 was the same reason with the drums.

    As for Steal My Sunshine, I'll admit that the guitar part seemed a tad bit harder than a 0-tier, but I wasn't sure if Harmonix will tier it a 1, which is why I tiered it a 0. But Harmonix did tiered it a 1, so I agree with them. And yes, the fast pace of the Drum part was my reason for giving it a 2-dot, but I can respect Harmonix's decision to tier it a 1. But still, it's good to know that I've gotten my first 2 out of 4. And also, kudos to @TuleRune for getting the perfect match on Harmonix's official tiers of Run-Around. :)

    Oh yes, and one more thing before I forget.

    UPDATE: Yesterday, I've updated the vocal tiers for Working Nights (Bearstronaut) to match that of @LiveHomeVideo's tiering.

    EDIT: Fixed my error where I confused Harmonix's tiering of Run-Around with my own. Thanks @MCSMeister for pointing out my mistake. :)
  • I was going to post this yesterday, but I've wasted my time watching gameplay videos of Ni no Kuni (I've been wanting to play the game sometime in the future, It looked pretty interesting). But I'll be posting the next Weekly DLC of April.

    The first half of this week's Wishlist DLC is the next of the Class of Rock Band 2 Reunion packs. This pack has songs from Billy Idol, Linkin Park, The Presidents of the United States of America, and Talking Heads. The songs in the pack are...

    - Eyes Without a Face: I cannot believe that after getting 4 songs from Billy Idol's discography that we don't have this song. This is my family's favorite song from his discography, and I liked that song too. It should've been in a 3-song pack for Billy Idol with Rebel Yell and his cover of Mony Mony. But hopefully, we'll get it soon (Unless we get the Rewind of White Wedding first, which I don't mind).
    - Given Up: Another cool song that I've enjoyed from Linkin Park's discography, in spite of the profane lyrics. It's been a while since we had a new song from them. Though, I think Harmonix will get Heavy above all else, I wouldn't mind seeing this song show up as DLC (Though, I would like for them to get Bleed It Out and Wastelands first).
    - Kitty: Here's a strange, yet cool banger from The Presidents of The United States of America's self-titled album that has a really insane outro. Once again, it's been a while since we had anything new from The Presidents. (Though, I still would like to see Peaches and the Lump Rewind as DLC first).
    - Wild Wild Life: Here's a rather interesting song from Talking Head's discography. My goal, if I were to do any Talking Heads songs, was to make sure that every Album is repped first before going after any of the band's bigger hits, and this song, which is from the True Stories album, is a good start. Though, it's been a while since we had new songs from them, but I can expect a rewind of Psycho Killer before getting any new song. Anyways, about this song: It's a cool song, though I like Psycho Killer, Once In a Lifetime, And She Was, and Burning Down The House better.

    This pack will be joined by two Singles, tied to this theme: Cats & Dogs (According to Wikipedia, April is National Pet Month). The two songs that will join the 4 songs in the Wishlist DLC pack are...

    - (She's) Sexy + 17: I'm glad that we've gotten the 2 known songs from the Stray Cats' Discography (Though, the songs were credited to Brian Setzer, the band's guitarist (Similar to how Piece of My Heart was credited to Janis Joplin, instead of her band, Big Brother and the Holding Company). But I wouldn't mind seeing more songs from them, even though it's probably going to be impossible at this point. Namely this song, which I've taken a liking to. It's a nice banger that is outshadowed by both Stray Cat Strut and Rock This Town. And if we ever do get it, it'll probably be credited to Brian Setzer again, just like with the latter two.
    - One (Not the song of the same name by Metallica): I don't I ever saw a lot of users from the Rock Band Community asking for anything off of Three Dog Night's discography. This is yet another good band that is overlooked by fans who likes Classic Rock music. I've listened to this song on a Burger King commercial and I've loved it. It's one of my favorite songs from TDN's Discography (Other faves of mine includes Joy To The World and Old Fashioned Love Song). I wished Harmonix would get some songs from TDN, someday.

    And without further ado, I present the Class of Rock Band 2 Reunion 03 pack.

    =Class of Rock Band 2 Reunion 03=
    - Billy Idol - Eyes Without a Face (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Linkin Park - Given Up (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - The Presidents of The United States of America - Kitty (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Talking Heads - Wild Wild Life (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Stray Cats - (She's) Sexy + 17 (Band Tier: Nightmare (SPOTLIGHT PASS SONG)
    - Three Dog Night - One (Band Tier: Moderate)

    This upcoming Wednesday will be the second half of this week's DLC.
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    It's time for me to post the second half of this week's DLC. :)

    For the second half of the 2nd week of April, I'll be presenting the 4th pack of the Class of Rock Band 2 Reunion series, to correspond to the Weekly Challenge theme for Rock Band Rivals' Season 5 for this week. And this week is Guitar-heavy songs.

    But this one will focus on Artists of the Rock Band 2 On-Disc Setlist songs that are exclusive to the Guitar Challenges in Challenge Mode. So, the artists in this pack are The Donnas, Steve Miller Band, Norman Greenbaum, The Guess Who, The Grateful Dead, and Testament. The songs in this pack are...

    - Fall Behind Me: It's a shame that we don't have The Donna's Take It Off yet, as I figured it would be inevitable that it would come, either as a Standalone DLC or in a Pack for The Donnas. But that didn't happen. And if we did got a pack, it would probably be with this song and one other. This song is just as cool of a banger as Take It Off, and I wouldn't mind seeing it.
    - That's It For The Other One: I think we had a good handful of songs from The Grateful Dead's discography, but I wouldn't mind seeing more from them, if Harmonix ever does so. So, for my Wishlist thread, I'm going to rep the albums that hasn't been repped. And starting with Anthem of the Sun, is this song. It's a pretty cool, yet weird song that I kinda enjoy. But I think I'll take a rewind of Alabama Getaway over it for new Greatful Dead DLC.
    - These Eyes: I can't believe that we don't have Laughin' and this song from The Guess Who. This Song or the other one could've easily been used in a 3-song pack with the two Guess Who DLC songs that we have. Oh, well, maybe it will come as DLC eventually on Rock Band 4. Because this is a good soulful song that I liked, thanks to Oldies Radio.
    - Skyline: I checked out Allmusic to see if there's a good song from Norman Greenbaum's Spirit In The Sky album that I would like to use, and this song was recommended. I've gave it a listen and I immediately liked it. It was fun and it was catchy, and I wished I've could've listened to it sooner. Deep Cuts are amazing, yet so sadly overlooked by Harmonix nowadays.
    - Abracadabra: There are several songs in the Steve Miller Band's discography that are so overdue at this point. Jet Airliner, Jungle Love, and this song are good examples. Another cool song with a very interesting style that is different from some of Steve Miller's earlier songs. The version used for this Wishlist DLC is the Album Version.
    - True American Hate: Metal is one of those guilty pleasure genres that I enjoyed listening to, and I listened to this song from Testament, just recently, and I loved it. It's a awesome banger that I wished we had in Rock Band 4 as DLC. It was thank to Rock Band 2 that I got introduced to Testament's stuff, and I'm glad that I did.

    And joining this pack will be another pack. This pack will focus on songs that were in other Guitar Rhythm games other than Rock Band. The songs in this pack are...

    - Carnival (GuitarFreaks/DrumMania): From my Rock Band VR 2 On-Disc Setlist, is this minor hit from the band that is famous for Lovefool and My Favorite Game, The Cardigans. It's nice that they got a pack, finally, on Rocksmith. And I'm hoping that they'll come to Rock Band sooner or later, because I want to play Lovefool on vocals, so badly.
    - Stellar (Guitar Hero): Also from my Rock Band VR 2 On-Disc Setlist, is this one of three long overdue songs from Incubus' discography, alongside Anna Molly and Megalomaniac. It's my personal favorite song from them, and I hope for the day that it comes to Rock Band.
    - Layla (Power Gig): Next is this rewind track from my Rock Band 5 Wishlist. To this day, I'm still shocked that Power Gig, of all games, got Layla over Guitar Hero and Rock Band. I mean, yeah, it was one of the games that introduced the Stringed Guitar controller concept, but it was a flop, according to TV Tropes. Though, it's hopeless at the moment, but I hope it comes to Rock Band, someday. It's one of my favorite Classic Rock songs, and one of the sole reasons why Eric Clapton is a awesome guitarist.
    - Cemetary Gates (Rocksmith): And last but not least, is this song from my Rock Band 5 Wishlist. A hauntingly beautiful, yet awesome banger from Pantera. It's another good example of long overdue songs from a band that we have as DLC at this moment. It's been in Rocksmith, and it's been in the flop known as Rock Revolution, and Rock Band doesn't have it yet? Well, hopefully, that will change, sooner or later. Because it's one of my favorite metal songs, and a good reason why Dimebag Darrell is a awesome guitarist.

    And so, I give you the Class of Rock Band 2 Reunion 04 and From Our Rivals 01 packs.

    =Class of Rock Band 2 Reunion 04: Fender Favorites=
    - The Donnas - Fall Behind Me (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - The Grateful Dead - That's It For The Other One (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - The Guess Who - These Eyes (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - Norman Greenbaum - Skyline (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra (Band Tier: Warmup)
    - Testament - True American Hate (Band Tier: Impossible)
    =From Our Rivals 01=
    - The Cardigans - Carnival (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Derek and The Dominoes - Layla (Rock Band 5 Rewind)
    - Incubus - Stellar (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Pantera - Cemetary Gates (Rock Band 5 Rewind)
    =RB52018 Rivals Weekly Challenge Season 2 Week 7: Chart Toppers=
    - Avenged Sevenfold - Buried Alive (On-Disc Spotlight Song)
    - Alter Bridge - Addicted To Pain (Setlist Expansion Spotlight Song)
    - Stray Cats - (She's) Sexy + 17 (Spotlight Pass Spotlight Song)

    Expect more Wishlist DLC this sunday, as always. :)
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    It's Sunday, time for me to post yet more Wishlist DLC. :)

    The first half of this week's Wishlist DLC is a 3 song pack from a Band that we have in Rock Band, but we only have 1 song from them: Atreyu. There's been several well-beloved artists that aren't one hit wonders, that has only 1 Songs in the Rock Band series (Dire Straits, The Beach Boys, just to name a few) and I've waited for more songs for those artists. But sadly, I think the reason why we don't have any new songs from those artists is because of Music Licensing.

    It was nice that Trivium broke out of the Only 1 Song in Rock Band catagory, with the recently released DLC, The Heart From Your Hate, adding up their song catalog from 1 to 2. And now, it's only a matter of time before other artists with only 1 song in their catalog, when they have other well beloved songs, joins the ranks. For this pack, I've chose 3 songs from Atreyu's catalog and I've listened to them just recently, and I took a liking for them. Here's my 3 song choices...

    - Ex's and Oh's: From the album, A Death-Grip On Yesterday, is Atreyu's first charting song. Now this song is a banger, and I've enjoyed it. If only if it was released in a Atreyu Pack with Coffin Nails (The Atreyu song that we have in Rock Band) and another song that I'll cover in a moment after this next one.
    - Falling Down: The next song is from their most successful album, Lead Sails Paper Anchor. I find this song a really enjoyable banger. It kinda reminds me of a Metal-genre version of Queens of The Stone Age's The Way You Used To Do, in terms of melody (And I liked that song too).
    - Becoming The Bull: And finally. Also from the Lead Sails Paper Anchor, is Atreyu's highest charting single. Now this is a really cool song, and I'm kinda surprised that it wasn't released alongside with Coffin Nails as part of a 3 song pack. But if we were to get any new Atreyu songs, then it would be this song.

    This pack will be joined by 3 Singles. I know it's already covered in an earlier pack, but the theme these singles will follow is April Showers. The 3 songs are...

    - The Rain, The Park, and Other Things: Though, The Cowsills only has two big hits, with this song being one of them, they served as the inspiration for the popular Music-Family Sitcom of the 1970s, The Partridge Family. And since I like Oldies Pop music, this song is one of my favorite songs of the 1960s. It's a really cool song that is also soothing to listen to.
    - Wyoming Sky: Originally, I was going to use Oasis' Some Might Say for this pack, but I realized that Vexus frequently visits my Wishlist thread, and he/she does not like Oasis. So, out of respect for that, I decided that I'm not going to put in any song from their discography. So I instead discovered this band, Raining Jane, while browsing the internet. I used this song, because it was their most searched song, and I've liked it after I listened to it. It's a cool song that I enjoyed listening to.
    - It's Raining Men: And finally, joining this group of singles is a funny, yet enjoyable 1980s One-Hit Wonder that I enjoyed. I wouldn't mind playing it on Rock Band, because I would like to play it on Vocals. Hopefully, the song will come as DLC eventually.

    So without further ado, here is Atreyu 01.

    =Atreyu 01=
    - Becoming The Bull (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - Ex's and Oh's (Band Tier: Impossible (SPOTLIGHT PASS SONG)
    - Falling Down (Band Tier: Nightmare)
    - The Cowsills - The Rain, The Park, and Other Things (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Raining Jane - Wyoming Sky (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - The Weather Girls - It's Raining Men (Band Tier: Moderate)

    The second half of this week's DLC will come on Wednesday as usual. :)
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    A special teaser for the special Wishlist Band-Centric Game that I have planned for this Wishlist Thread. I think you'll like it.

    Expect the second half of this week's Wishlist DLC to appear this Wednesday.
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    It's Wednesday, time for me to post the next half of this week's DLC. :)

    Our DLC for this week is a 3-song pack of songs from the 1960s, one of my favorite eras of music. Two songs from my Rock Band VR 2 Wishlist and 1 Rewind. This is decided in response to Pictures of Matchstick Men (The original by Status Quo, not the Camper Van Beethoven cover) being the first 1960s song to be a Spotlight Pass song. The songs in this pack are...

    - Psychotic Reaction: 1960's Garage Rock is so heavily under-represented in Rock Band, sadly. I mean, we do have Iggy Pop's original band, The Stooges, on Rock Band as DLC. But there's a couple of bands that could use some love: The Kinks, Paul Revere and The Raiders, and this band, who did this song, which is their biggest hit. It's a nice banger with a interesting bit after the chorus.
    - Space Oddity: Here's a nice rewind from David Bowie, which was in Rock Band 3. It's a very cool song that I like, and I'm glad that it's in Rock Band. It was pretty fun on Vocals, too, even though, easy. But there's other Bowie songs that I like better, such as Ziggy Stardust, Suffragette City, Rebel Rebel, and Diamond Dogs.
    - Kick Out The Jams: Last, but not least, is this song, which is the biggest hit for the MC5. Here's another good example of 1960's Garage Rock. It was thanks to these guys that Punk Rock was developed in the 1970s. A cover was used in Guitar Hero World Tour, but since Harmonix is getting songs that has D.I.Y. Stems, I can see getting the original version of this song possible. But what else can I say, this song is a banger.

    And as usual, this pack will be joined by another pack that corresponds to a theme from the current season of Rock Band Rivals. And this week is a Game Night theme, so my pack will be a 3 song pack of 3 songs that were in Harmonix Games that isn't Rock Band (But one of these, which is a Rewind, is in Rock Band as well). These three songs are...

    - Everybody (Backstreet's Back): Representing Dance Central. I've been seeing some members of the Rock Band Community wanting Backstreet Boys in Rock Band. Well, I figured if that's what they want, then I might as well join in the fun. And funny thing is, my mom and my sister doesn't like Backstreet Boys. I, on the other hand, thought their music is pretty cool. This song, for example, is pretty hip. I would say that it's my favorite of Backstreet's Discography.
    - Recession: Representing Amplitude is a cool rewind from Rock Band 4. When I've played this song on Vocals, I had trouble at the middle part of the song. But now I've gotten better at it that I can pretty much almost FC the song. It's a cool song that I like. But is it my favorite from Rock Band 4's Setlist? Nope, Light Up The Night (The Protomen) is that.
    - Emperor's New Clothes: And representing DropMix is this song from Panic! At The Disco's album, Death of a Bachlor. Similar to Fall Out Boy with their latest albums after their breakup, PATD has also evolved in terms of sound. This song almost sounds very similar to certain Fall Out Boy songs from their current albums, and it's a real cool song too.

    So, here is the I Love The 60's 01 and Best of Harmonix 01 packs. (With this week's Wishlist Weekly Challenge Theme)

    =I Love The 60's 01=
    - The Count Five - Psychotic Reaction (Band Tier: Challenging)
    - David Bowie - Space Oddity (Rock Band 3 Rewind)
    - MC5 - Kick Out The Jams (Band Tier: Moderate)
    =Best of Harmonix 01=
    - Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreet's Back) (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Jeff Allen ft. Noelle LeBlanc and Naoko Takamoto - Recession (Rock Band 4 Rewind)
    - Panic! At The Disco - Emperor's New Clothes (Band Tier: Solid)
    =RB52018 Rivals Weekly Challenge Season 2 Week 7: The Best of The Best=
    - Judas Priest - Leather Rebel (On-Disc Spotlight Song)
    - Rush - By-Tor & The Snow Dog (Setlist Expansion Spotlight Song)
    - Atreyu - Ex's and Oh's (Spotlight Pass Spotlight Song)

    Tomorrow, the 2nd Setlist Expansion will be coming, and it's going to be a very good one. A new Wishlist DLC will come on Sunday as usual.
  • Are you ready to know the Songs of the 2nd Setlist Expansion?

    - American Authors - Best Day of My Life
    - Badfinger - Day After Day
    - Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction
    - The Black Keys - Next Girl
    - Chad Kroeger - Hero (Feat. Josey Scott (From the 2002 Spiderman Film)
    - Children of Bodom - If You Want Peace...Prepare For War
    - Fishbone - Freddie's Dead
    - Go West - The King of Wishful Thinking (From the film, Pretty Woman)
    - Kouji Wada - Butter-Fly (From the anime, Digimon Adventure)
    - Madonna - Like A Prayer
    - Montrose - Bad Motor Scooter
    - Paul Revere & The Raiders - Just Like Me
    - Rhapsody of Fire - Epic Furor/Emerald Sword
    - U2 - With Or Without You

    In addition, it comes with yet another pack of the RB5 Expansion Selections series. This pack has these songs...

    - Bring Me The Horizon - Shadow Moses
    - The Contours - Do You Love Me
    - Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen
    - Funkadelic - Who Says A Funk Band Can't Play Rock
    - The Living End - Prisoner of Society
    - Swing-Out Sister - Breakout

    And as usual, update to the On-Disc Tier Gallery

    - Warmup (Added Day After Day and Hero)
    - Apprentice (Added Eve of Destruction and Next Girl)
    - Solid (Added The King of Wishful Thinking and With Or Without You)
    - Moderate (Added Just Like Me and Like A Prayer)
    - Challenging (Added Bad Motor Scooter and Best Day of My Life)
    - Nightmare (Added Butter-Fly and Freddie's Dead)
    - Impossible (Added Emerald Sword and If You Want Peace, Prepare For War)

    This upcoming Wishlist DLC will be a Preview pack of A Perfect Circle's latest album, Eat The Elephant. I hope you are looking forward to it. :)

    In my previous Wishlist Thread. Whenever a big-name artist of their respective music genre passes away, I post a tribute Wishlist DLC Pack in honor of that artist. I have done this with Chris Cornell, and Chester Bennington, and Tom Petty. And now, I'm about to do it again.

    Just recently, Tim Bergling, or better known by his stage name, Avicii, recently passed away today, at the age of 28. Which is a real shame, because he is a very talented artist of his genre, EDM. EDM is a guilty pleasure genre that I like, after having listening to it on Dance video games, and even Dancing With The Stars. To lose another young talent is just saddening.

    So, in honor of him, I'll be presenting a 8 song pack of Avicii's Discography. I've chosen these 8 songs for the pack. I've listened to each one, and I've enjoyed them. These are the 8 songs in the pack...

    - Seek Bromance: First off is this song, the single that got certified platinum in Avicii's home country, Sweden. It's a vocal version of an earlier song of his called Bromance. What makes it different from his earlier version, which was an instrumental, is that it had a vocal sample from DJ Samuele Sartini's Love U Seek. It's a cool song.
    - Levels: Next, is this song that got Avicii into the US Charts (although, at the low 60s). It was in Fantasia Music Evolved, and it served as the inspiration for Flo Rida's Good Feeling. Like with the above song, it has vocals sample from an earlier recorded hit. This time, Etta James' Something's Got a Hold on Me. It was the first Avicii song I've listened to, and thus the one that got me exposed to Avicii's Discography.
    - Hey Brother: Our third song is from Avicii's first Studio Album, True. True will have 2 songs from that album, and this will be the first one. Much like with Wake Me Up, which was released as DLC two years ago, I can see this song being suitable for Rock Band. Either way, it's a really cool banger that I liked.
    - Addicted To You: Next is the other song that is from True. The song was also in Ubisoft's Just Dance series, and it's another cool song that I liked. Since I heard Guitar parts in the song, I can also see this song being Rock Band suitable. It's another cool song that I liked.
    - The Nights: Our fifth song is from The Days/Nights EP. I haven't heard it before until now, and now I've wished I could've listened to it earlier, because it's a really cool song that I've taken a liking to. Like with the two songs from the True Album, it has guitar part, which makes it Rock Band suitable.
    - Dar um Jeito (We Will Find a Way): Though, technically a Santana song, but it does have Avicii as a featured Artist. This song is from the 2014 World Cup Soundtrack. Again, this is one of those songs that I've probably should've listened to prior, because it's another good song that I've enjoyed. It's been a while since we had anything from Santana. There's other songs that needs to come first from him, but I wouldn't mind seeing this song.
    - Waiting For Love: Song 7 is from Avicii's 2nd and last studio album, Stories. Here's another good example of a song that I probably should've listened to prior before today, because I enjoyed this song as much as I do with most of Avicii's discography.
    - Without You: And last, but not least, is from Avicii's last album ever, his EP, Avici (01). It has Sandro Cavazza as a featured artist on this song. It's a cool song, but there's other songs in Avicii discography that I liked better. Anyways, here is the Avicii: Then and Now pack.

    - Addicted To You (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Dar um Jeito (We Will Find a Way) (Band Tier: Nightmare) (Credited as Santana & Wyclef feat. Avicii and Alexandre Pires)
    - Hey Brother (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Levels (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - The Nights (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Seek Bromance (Band Tier: Moderate)
    - Waiting For Love (Band Tier: Solid)
    - Without You (Feat. Sandro Cavazza) (Band Tier: Solid)

    Anyways, look forward to the upcoming Preview Pack of A Perfect Circle's Eat The Elephant album, coming this Sunday. :)

  • MCSMeisterMCSMeister Road Warrior
    edited April 2018
    Can I just say I really appreciate when you put out topical DLC like this? The speed at which you get these out is phenomenal. Really sets this wishlist thread apart from others, in my opinion.

    It was also really cool when you surprised @Radiohead97 with that Jack White pack, BTW :)
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