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There’s a great filter that is friends and crew, but friends and crew can’t invite their friends and crew.

Is there any way we can make a snowball effect option where whoever is invited can invite as well?


  • uppyb0tuppyb0t Opening Act
    Still can’t join invites due to not being friends with the host....
  • uppyb0tuppyb0t Opening Act
    This is still an annoying issue.
  • Why not just add them to your friends list? Xbox 1 has a limit of 1,000 friends. I might of gotten carried away with 230 out of 360 friends play RB on my list. :|
  • That would be cool but fix the issue about people not picking Rivals Challenge songs in "Wants to play Rivals Challenge songs" lobbies first. Don't want private lobbies to become as unplayable as open lobbies during Rivals challenges.
  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith

    Xbox 1 has a limit of 1,000 friends.

    That's still 29,000 short of what Key needs to become a real human.

    (Let's see how small THIS Venn intersection is.)
  • uppyb0tuppyb0t Opening Act
    edited April 2018
    I just want others to be able to invite me to a game regardless of friendship to the host.

    That way it doesn’t get overrun with randoms and there’s no easy way to coordinate somebody getting the host to add you as a friend frist.

    Right now it’s a closed invite server rather than an open one. Both would nice.

    I want friends to be able to invite theirs as well if they have someone that can fill. I don’t want to have to add their friend first.
  • The way friends work on at least XB1, private lobbies already get overrun with randoms in its current state.
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