The "More Metal" Thread for Underrepresented Metal Artists: A Definitive Collection



  • @MythsOfMetal You probably didn't actually - most of the bands that get suggested get added to the OP by @coolkat pretty frequently. Don't worry about adding Soul Remnants either - pretty much every decent metal band has at least an era that's overlooked!

    How have I not mentioned The Gathering yet, incidentally?
  • Others may have suggested these, I'm probably seconding, thirding, or fourthing a lot of these, as I've only seen what the OP has included thus far. I'm also a bit confused with the genre categorization, not all doom metal is extreme, Candlemass is epic doom metal afaik and is more akin to Iron Maiden plus Black Sabbath's doomier stuff, at least from what I've heard from them. Dark metal would also better fit with extreme metal, doom, or folk as those are the genres that make up dark metal's mix afaik.

    Sorry if I repeated something already mentioned so far.

    I put doom metal in with the other genres simply because in terms of metal subgenres, doom is often placed further on the extreme edge of things, but it's extreme in a different way. Whereas death metal, black metal, and grindcore all have noticeable extremities (and more often than not, speed), but doom metal is what I like to call "very massive and slow" metal. It also shares many of the same attributes (being non-commercial, generally harsher, etc.), but I lumped it in with the other extreme bands because (as far as I can tell, Wikipedia has this on the page for extreme metal), it can be considered an extreme metal genre. For dark metal, I was tempted to put it with the extreme genres, but a lot of the dark metal I listen to has a very distinct gothic influence on it, so I put in the same camp with power, gothic, etc. Dark the Suns, I think, is a good example of this, as well as the operatic influence in many of Cradle of Filth's songs.

    Thanks for the suggestions though, I'll try to add most, if not all of those to the list sometime today or in the days to come.
  • I saw Trivium get suggested earlier in the thread, and "The Heart From Your Hate" is coming out this week. Though with two songs total, I'd say they still count as "underrepresented" even if they're not in my most wanted bands.
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    Too much to even list, but lots of good stuff here I would like to see more of. Agreeing with @Vexus that Babymetal should be added to the list as well

    Small feedback though, wouldn't it make more sense to list Screamo (and specifically Bullet for my Valentine) with Metalcore since both are a mix of Metal and Post-Hardcore? Also isn't Marilyn Manson, Strapping Young Lad and Static-X generally closer to Industrial Metal than Alt/Nu/etc.?

    EDIT: Speaking of Screamo, some Orchid and From First To Last would be pretty alright
  • Some more from my thread/plans for it that didn't get mentioned yet:
    - August Burns Red (metalcore)
    - Avatar (groove metal)
    - Brocas Helm (trad or power metal)
    - Coal Chamber (nu-metal)
    - Flyleaf (nu-metal*)
    - Ghost (traditional metal I guess?)
    - I AM I (traditional metal)
    - Kittie (nu-metal)
    - Maximum the Hormone (nu-metal)
    - Otep (nu-metal)
    - W.A.S.P. (glam metal)
    - Warlock (traditional metal)
    - Watain (black metal)

    *I know Flyleaf aren't quite nu-metal but the game lumps them into that genre. Plus, the genre I would count them as (alternative metal) is lumped in with nu-metal in your list anyway so why be too picky about it?
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    Some more stuff I noticed that could be good to add as well:
    -Naked City (grindcore/avant-garde metal)
    -Prophets of Rage (rap metal)
    -Body Count (thrash/speed/rap metal, depending on era/album)
    -Powerman 5000 (industrial metal, was nu-metal early on)
    -Bring Me The Horizon (metalcore/deathcore, they basically change style between each album)
    -Oceano (deathcore)
    -The Faceless (deathcore/death metal depending on who you ask)
    -Beartooth (metalcore)
    -Chelsea Grin (deathcore)
    -Origin (death metal)
    -Satyricon (black metal)
    -Animal Alpha (alternative metal, kind of a one-hit wonder but their song Bundy was pretty big)
    -Architects (metalcore)
    -The Devil Wears Prada (metalcore, since most of their DLC was RBN they're underrepresented as of now)
    -Underoath (metalcore/screamo, especially their older stuff is very Metal)
    -Unearth (metalcore)
    -Chiodos (screamo)
    -We Butter The Bread With Butter (deathcore/metalcore)

    EDIT: Remembered some more
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    Where’s Entombed on your list?

  • Just gotta say, the fact that this thread is getting so many requests and that some of you have kept coming back with suggestions is really, really nice, so thanks to all of you for that! I'll be slow in getting a lot of the stuff on here, but in time, we'll probably have Encyclopedia Metallum Lite here.

    Also, to respond to Nightmare Lyre's inquiry, I've moved Bullet For My Valentine (and Screamo as a whole) to the Metalcore/Deathcore category. I moved Strapping Young Lad and Static-X to industrial; I'll put Marilyn Manson in both alternative and industrial, since I think his main style depends on the song. Thanks for questioning all of that though, in retrospect, all of your suggestions make more sense.
  • Have you heard the new Sleep album? I propose Marijuanaut's Theme or the new studio version of Sonic Titan.
  • Wildcat15 said:

    Have you heard the new Sleep album? I propose Marijuanaut's Theme or the new studio version of Sonic Titan.

    I haven't listened to a whole lot of Sleep, but I do like the stoner-sludge sound quite a bit! With regard to the new album, I've only listened to what you listed, but I'll check out some more, that Marijuanaut's Theme is some friggin' awesome sludge.
  • Kyuss?

  • MythsOfMetalMythsOfMetal Unsigned
    Some more recs of bands to add for this awesome list.

    Black Breath
    Crypt Sermon
    Cult of Fire
    Ephel Duath
    Fractal Generator
    Harikiri for the Sky
    Hooded Menace
    Solitude Aeternus
    Spite Extreme Wing
    Unleash the Archers
    Void Omnia
    Woods of Desolation
  • I've got a big post planned for next week in my main USL thread, which I think might be very relevant to this one. Some of the bands that are in it that aren't listed in here:

    Arkona [folk]
    Doro [traditional] (put Warlock under there too, actually!)
    Bloodshot Dawn [death]
    With the Dead [doom]
    Pallbearer [prog]
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