Sound Problems. Can barely hear Guitar - RESOLVED

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PS4 Console. As the title says, having sound issues. Some songs I can barely even hear the guitar parts. Other Songs, sound is missing completely.

For example, on "Should I Stay or Should I go" by The Clash. First 12 notes or so (on guitar), there is no sound at all. Dead air. Sound Finally comes in, half way through the song, guitar sound almost disappears, extremely faint. Comes back in a few notes later, then goes back out.

Highway To Hell by AC/DC..............can barely hear the guitar part of the song at all. Can hear all other instruments, just not the guitar.

Yes..........I have adjusted my audio settings in the game. Didn't help. No, I have not changed anything on my TV settings or the PS4 settings. Worked fine a few days ago, last week, last year. Today, problems.

Tried changing the HDMI cable, same result. Same places on the songs, Have 2 copies of the Rock Band 4 discs, 1 was brand new, never opened. Tried the new game disc. Same problems, same results.

I did download "Roxanne" by The Police. Corrupt file? Did my Rock Band game folder get corrupted? Something is not right.

I have over 600 songs, so I haven't tested every song. But I can tell you some songs work, some don't, and some have no sound at all.

Anybody, anything, any comment. All I know is this sucks!


  • Check that you've got the right sound settings on the PS4 and its outputting stereo and try changing from bitstream, dts and Dolby.
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    Check that you've got the right sound settings on the PS4 and its outputting stereo and try changing from bitstream, dts and Dolby.

    Did that. Check. LoL!

    Its a corrupt song, or corrupt file. Clash song does it every single time, same notes, absolute silence, sound kicks in by 12th note.

    Just tested a few other songs, they worked. Tried refreshing the music library, same results. I'm sure I will find a few more songs with sound problems that weren't there before today. Never, ever had this problem before, especially on "Should I stay or should I go". We have all been playing that song since RB1 days. Highway to Hell is a hot mess as well.

    Something got corrupted. Only thing I downloaded today was "Roxanne". Download 1 song.........and now i do "have to put on the red light". LMAO!

    I'm laughing at the comments. Don't get me wrong, I'm pissed off, especially if I find out that download corrupted my game.
  • Definitely a issue with your system, I've got those same songs and never had the problem your describing. Sorry I can't help otherwise, I'm assuming system sounds and I'm non gameplay audio is OK?
  • BadkatBadkat Unsigned
    Well, tested the TV.........its not that. Both speakers working, surround and stereo mode working on the television. Its down to something wrong with the ps4 or Rock Band data.
  • BadkatBadkat Unsigned
    Well, fixed my problem. "Bront20" from the Rock Band Reddit page called this one as well as Kamokaziuk saying it sounded like a "in stereo" issue. Both were 100% correct. It was the television not encoding in stereo.

    Called Sony customer support, went through some trouble shooting on both the PS4 and the television. Wound up doing a factory reset on the TV..........sure enough, the stereo sound came back.

    A little embarrassed, since I had no clue what had happened literally overnight with no changes made to create this problem. Only guess is my TV did a software update sometime that did not take correctly, and caused an audio problem.

    So problem fixed. I appreciate all the input from everyone. My Rock Band World is at piece again. Little hard to play a music game without hearing music. Lol!
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