Rock Band 2 - adding other Rock Band titles?

Okay, I'm stumped. Admittedly, I don't have XBox Live (though I'll get a month subscription if it still exists for the 360 and it's the solution to my problem), but I'm looking to add some Rock Band titles to my version of Rock Band 2.

My wife and I purchased Rock Band 1, Beatles, AC/DC Live, and Track Pack 2. I remember that on my old 360, I was able to export all the RB1 songs into RB2. Of course, I also had a few DLC (not many, probably 10 or so), which I don't expect to ever get back. But... my wife and I loved playing RB2 way back, then my 360 red-ringed and we only recently (Christmas) bought a new 360 ... for the sole purpose of playing more RB2. As such, I'd really love to be able to merge all those games into one so that we're not constantly swapping out disks.

Is it possible? What steps do I need to take? Thanks in advance!


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    Beatles never merged with any other game.

    If you exported rb1 like you say you did, you’re entitled to export it again at no cost. You’d need to use the rb1 disc on your new Xbox and be signed in with the same account that bought the export rights.

    If you use that same Xbox live I’d you will be able to get back the dlc you purchased on your old system too. The content rights are tied to your Xbox live is, not he actual hardware. They keep track of what you bought.

    If you haven’t exported the AC/DC or track pack 2 yet you can redeem the codes on their manuals to export them. If you had already redeemed them on your prior console your purchase history on our account will allow you to redownload them.
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