PS3 Expert Players Thread - Post here if you play anything on expert


  • kill_logickill_logic Unsigned
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    I am currently looking for band members for rb3 on PS3 my ps id is kill_logic
  • Tykki-TemeTykki-Teme Road Warrior
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    PSN ID: Tykki-Teme
    Time zone: GMT +2
    Content: All disc exports, over 1000 DLC (~700 HMX DLC, 300 RBN)
    Guitar/Bass: Expert. I can't play the most difficult tracks without no fail, so I'm not THAT good. % on most song is usually on the better side of 90.

    Add me freely, I don't play that often online but some occasional online company would be nice. Mention something about RB or these forums in your message, so I know who's adding.

    Also, I don't mind having that much compatible DLC/exports. What matters most is just playing for fun.
  • Looking to play rock band 2 on playstation 3 with other people online. I only play expert guitar and my average percent is 95-98%. I have about 6 dlc songs but I am buying more soon. My gamertag is OoCobRaVeNoMOo
  • Play vocals hard or expert got about 300 plus tunes my Ps name is starchaser75
  • Have about 100 songs DLC.
    On all Rockband games.
    Western time
    Almost every day
    Guitar: Guitarist in real life, but suck at guitar here
    Singer: Don't have mic
    Drums: Expert on almost all (except Visions, Beast and the Harlot, Caught In A Mosh, stuff like that) 96-100%
    PSN: lordgodbufu
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    Name is ANGIE. 31yo. From Tacoma, WA. I can play a lot

    I don't know all of those things you listed. I know I can play expert on the drums, and guitar. between high 80%s -90%s.

    Idk if my other rock band games work for online. just my rock band 3 i know for sure I go on. look for me on fb [email protected]

    PSN: bawl129
  • PSNID: Royank
    DLC: 900
    Eastern Time
    Expert: Guitar, Bass, and Drums (currently busted)
  • "Guitar and Bass - State your preference, normal percentage (just guess), Green Grass and High Tides percentage, Panic Attack (or Visions) percentage, your PSN, number of DLC owned, and your rank (rank is optional)"

    I prefer Guitar. Since most people prefer guitar, I don't mind switching on and off, but I'm pretty terrible at bass (the repetitive stuff is mind numbing to me and I miss a lot even on the easier bass songs). I'd say my average percentage is 95. According to RB3, I have 93% on Panic Attack and 91 on GG&HT. For a RB3 comparison, I have 92 on Crazy Train and 95 on Rainbow in the Dark. I don't have a percentage for Visions but I definitely had 5 stars on it in RB2.

    I have 334+ Dlc songs in RB3, as well as exports of rb1, rb2, and Lego. My psn is teh_ceedz13. Looking for a full band to get some high scores. Hmu.
  • I play expert drums bass guitar... Add me! :) goldiej23
  • Expert guitar and bass pro drums when I have them and hard mode singer some expert. Add me up Kaylasaurous. I also have 216 songs all together to share. Will buy more if the right people come along.
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