Ps4 - Connecting 3 usb mics - RESOLVED

Hi there, I hope somebody can help me out as I just can't seem to get this to work.

I connect 2 wireless guitars and a controller, and assign each one to a different profile.
Then I plug in the 1st and 2nd microphone, and assign them to 2 separate profiles. This works just fine.
But as soon as I plug in the 3rd microphone, the Ps4 says "Cannot connect another audio device".

Please note the ps4 camera has been disconnected at this point.

I followed this guide to no avail:

What does seem to work however, is plugging a small jack headset/microphone into the controller. But of course I rather use the 3 usb microphones.

Anybody know how to fix this?



  • gaiacatgaiacat Unsigned
    edited May 2018
    I've had this happen a lot. Try this -Go ahead and ignore the warning and start rockband. After the game recognizes your library, disconnect the third microphone then re-plug it in. It will ask who is using it - pick a profile that does not have a small mic icon lit on it - if needed do the same for the other two until three profiles are selected.

    Important - ensure that the profile you want to get the credit is the one showing as the vocalist. Only one PSN profile gets score and leader board credit - the name showing.

    I hope this helps :smiley:
  • Awesome! That indeed works!

    We have already tried to connect 3 mics a whole bunch of times, but apparently not at the right moment.
    Tried to steer clear from the dashboard, as it caused a lot of stutter. But for now everything seems to be just dandy.

    Thank you!
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