Can audio lag ever get below 100 ms in RB4 on a PS4?

As part of attempts to reduce my PS4 and PS4 Pro's audio lag, I bought a simple optional to analog converter, and connected them to analog powered PC speakers. In other audio apps like Rocksmith 2014, there is almost no lag at all using a microphone for vocals. When I quit Rocksmith 2014 and start Rock Band 4, the same microphone now has a 1/10 second delay, and calibration tests with a RB guitar show a little over 100 ms.


  • The only solution I've found for this is to use an independent monitor for vocals: just like splitting your guitar signal between the Rocksmith cable and and amp, I split the mic signal between the PS4 and a small powered speaker.
  • I"m using a Pyle USB wireless mic that has a 3.5mm jack in the USB dongle and have split the audio that way on occasion; only issue I had was that tambourine/cowbell hits don't register for some reason (and you hear raw vocals, with no reverb added by RB).
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