June 2018 DLC Prediction Thread: Man, It's a.....Lukewarm One



  • WoodenGloryWoodenGlory Unsigned
    Makes sense, two popular songs that people would buy.
  • DangimarockerDangimarocker Headliner
    We need all the An Endless Sporadic songs asap.
    They could release them as an extra song each week :p
  • We need "Discord" and "I Can Swing My Sword" together in a "We Can't Legally Say the Names of the Properties These Are Based Off Of" week.
  • dinomandinoman Rising Star
    Guys... What do you think are the chances for one of Psychosticks rbn songs to appear as dlc? I love them, but they do have some controversial lyrics that may make hmx not want them.
  • patl175patl175 Unsigned
    IMO i think it depends if it sold well, i don't think lyrics are stoping hmx to get a song if they chose to get it, they'd just cut some parts, we have had some songs we never thought we'd get because of the lyrics
  • NightmareLyreNightmareLyre Rising Star
    Considering how strict RBN/Creators was with lyrics (having to censor "Windows Vista" and "boob" for example) I think they would already be clean enough to appear as official DLC.
  • tdc002tdc002 Road Warrior

    A bit off topic but GHTV is shutting down on December 1st so all that streamed content is going to disappear. Look through the content list on Wikipedia and request anything you want in RB if you haven't already done that.

    I'm surprised GHTV wasn't shut down six months ago. I remember when Guitar Hero Live was announced, people were worried it would overshadow RB4. I'm still convinced Activision paid for all those positive reviews. The fact Polygon gave a game riddled with microtransactions, where you play along to music videos (what is this, Karaoke Revolution?!) a NINE out of ten, while giving RB4 a 7.5 is insane.

    GHTV didn't even have that great of a selection of music, and there's really not much I'd be dying to have in RB4. The only things that pop out to me personally are the songs from Sum 41, My Chemical Romance, and Motley Crue; and even then, that's just three songs.
  • atalkingfishatalkingfish Opening Act
    I predict Veil Of Illumination, all as one track, and I will continue to predict it until it comes out.
  • While I still hope week 8 is RBVR (my main prediction is still Maps, Church Bells and Grand Canyon), here's a separate RBN prediction:
    Five Finger Death Punch - "Hard to See"
    Attack Attack! - "Stick Stickly"
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