The only real problem I have with this game

I’ve been feeling frustrated lately because I’m not able to get all the songs from Rock Band 1 and 2. I played both games and I’m really gonna miss songs like Green Grass and High Tides, Painkiller, Panic Attack and a bunch of other songs. I would and hopefully many other people would be willing to pay whatever amount of money it would take to have all those songs available in the store for purchase, just to be able to see how much I have improved since those days where I played those songs.


  • BachiGBachiG Inconceivable...
    It’s weird to post this thought in the Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved section of the forum. But, yeah, if you didn’t spend the money previously to export those on disc tracklists constantly in a sequel game, you are SOL. They are releasing rewinds every so often for many of the earlier songs though.
  • I just realized that lol, I posted this on my phone and I accidentally posted this under general in that disney game lol
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