What Rock Band titles/track packs can still be exported to current Gen?

I recently exported RB3 and the AC/DC live track pack to my PS4, RB4. I want to keep adding more. What exports are still being supported on current gen? Thanks!


  • LoopyChewLoopyChew Wordsmith
    To update on the previous picture:
    • While you may no longer be able to export/import RB1/2/Lego, select tracks from these are available as "Rewind" DLC on the store, so have a look and see what piques your interest.
    • As of the last couple weeks, Rock Band Network tracks have been coming over for sale, but the entitlements do not (unlike exports, if you bought it in RB2/3, you'll have to buy it again in RB4).
    • Most of the "TBD" are, in fact, now. Xbox users have access to all of their content, and PlayStation users have access to almost all of it; see this thread for more detail.
  • PatchexPatchex Unsigned
    There really needs to be a much better Guide for this From Harmonix... I had to jump threw hoops to download DLC form all my old purchases... its craziness...
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