How do we find out if the servers are down?

I'm on PS4, and the game couldn't connect to Rock Central, so I can't access any online features...which sucks, because I wanted to push my crew to promotion today! Couldn't access the store either. Nothing, nada.

I'm able to access the PSN store, so it's not my internet connection or Sony's servers (afaik), but I didn't see anything about planned maintenance or any posts about the servers being down on any of Harmonix's social media pages.

Where do we find this info? Or are the servers down unexpectedly and I'm the first to notice? :tongue:


  • @OakTea There's some easy indicators of the servers being down if you're connected to the internet:
    1. When you check your leaderboard scores it mentions "Offline" when the loading circle stops spinning
    2. On the screen with Play Songs, Career, etc. it says something like recent activity unavailable
    3. You can't access the Rivals or Play Online menus

    The servers appear to be back up now.
  • GraffinGraffin Rising Star
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    This happened last Sunday as well. Down from 3:30pm to 2am (Australian Central Standard Time). The thread which it was reported was moved or removed, and I predicted it would happen again this week.

    No reason was given and no official announcement was made. It's like Harmonix pretended it never happened or wanted to hide the fact it happened (this thread will probably disappear too).

    They seem to be working again!
  • OakTeaOakTea Road Warrior
    Thanks for the tips! I guess we just find out in the game.

    The threads get moved to Peer-to-Peer Support, which, yes, would've been a better place for me to post it in the first place. Oops!
  • PatchexPatchex Unsigned
    Peer to peer support does not really seem like a great place for this info... We really should have an official Forum thread from the Devs on this kinda thing... I guess they are depending to much on other forums of social media like most game companies now a days, which is quite sad... (Thank you OAKTEA for making this thread though, I have been searching for info on this for days, and this seems to be the only real Forum info I can find sadly... ) Seeing that the Rock band 4 servers seem to be down yet again, I came here to see what was going on... this forum is not only hard to navigate now, yet really holds very little info... since EA dropped Harmonix, this place has gone way way down hill, I am seeing issues every few days, and The support portal is a joke... What is going on...? I was not happy about having to pay extra for Online play with Rock band 4, yet I am even more unhappy that is does not seem to work right like 80% of the time...

    I was looking for a good DLC installation guide a few months ago for PS4, yet seems I can not even find a good one of those... Even on youtube... I am seeing all sorts of Shortcomings with this new Rock Band, it makes me very very sad...

    I have only paid for the Rivals Upgrade so far... I would really like to support Harmonix since they have gone back to being Indy, yet with all the issues I am not really seeing any great reason to place more money on micro transactions toward new songs for Rock Band 4... I am also seeing many Songs come out that I bought in packs and such that are not available for me to download because the full packs are not available on RB4... I know its probably a licencing issue, yet this is horrible... Also some of my favorite songs were Rock Band Network songs... Which it seems are not available at all from what I am reading... I might be more willing to pay for DLC micro transactions, if the game and server actually worked well. yet it does not... I often find myself turning my PS3 on and Playing RB3 rather then RB4...

    Anyway, back to the Thread Subject directly... The server seems to be down on PS4 right now... is anyone else seeing this?

    I guess I can be happy that no one is going to complain about how awful my Forum signature is this time... lol
  • PatchexPatchex Unsigned
    So I just put in another ticket at the Support "Portal" (which is also difficult to navigate lol)...

    I filled out all the info, yet the email confirmation just said this... kinda funny that its not a full list of the info I placed in the ticket help...

    "Jul 11, 09:54 COT

    Simply can not connect to rock band 4 / rivals expansion online."

    then I got two instant emails back that my ticket had been solved and a link to twitter lol...

    "Harmonix Music (Harmonix Music Systems)

    Jul 11, 09:56 COT


    It's 'cause they're down for work: Be sure to keep an eye on social channels to stay in the loop!"


    "##- Please type your reply above this line -##
    This ticket has now been resolved! Have a great day, and keep on rocking!"

    So I emailed back,

    "Do you mean on Facebook and Twitter, because I do not use them... is there any info on this kinda stuff in your offical forums like there should be?

    ##- Please type your reply above this line -##"

    Yet No instant Email back from that one sadly... So I guess we have to open a twitter account in order to actually know when the servers will be down... that is sad and very unacceptable... I think that these forums should be the first place anything should be announced like that, even an on going thread that lists updates (unless emergency ones of course) a head of time so that we can know when we will not be able to connect to online features...

    I had a twitter account years ago and closed it because its a joke and so difficult to stay up to date with... So I guess because I am not up for sorting threw massive amounts of useless Twitter Posts, I will never be able to have this info that should be held in the forums. WOW

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