• CurseOfTheChozo
    What's going on here? Is this where I talk about myself? Maybe?

    I was raised in the music industry. My granddad was a DJ at a major LA radio station from 1961 - 1985, my grandmother ran a record label and distributor, and my dad is a producer and professional musician. Music is in my blood.

    I personally have been a drummer since childhood, and my talents (?) transitioned pretty comfortably into Rock Band. I'm the drummer in DeLorean Racers, the 3rd place band in the Rock Band 2010 Total Rock Total Rewards competition, so that should confirm my "hardcore"-ness, if anyone doubted it.

    I hate message board haters. I find a great deal of pleasure in logic-smacking naysayers who expect to have everything be perfect all of the time. It's a hobby. Bottom line, I love this series, I respect Harmonix for doing what they've done to not only provide a fun and enjoyable GAME experience, but also doing a lot towards improving the state of MUSIC as a whole. And I'm sure my family would agree.
    October 2010