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    No longer a one-hit wonder! It looks like you’re going places.
    March 31
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    Getting this far requires gumption, something you have in spades.
    March 31
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    Settled in, saw the sights, learned the territory, and most importantly: gave back.
    April 1
  • Joatmon
    Good luck with the squire, I am hoping to get a decent pedal for my ions next. Wow 1300 songs! I ONLY have 600.
    February 2011
  • Tenacious_B
    sure I'll add you, sorry i dont check my profile much, just saw a notification. I have about 1300 songs now and will be getting my squier march 1 or so. Of ocurse I've never played a real guitar but im an expert at everything else so hopefully its not too difficult :P
    February 2011