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  • gamer1st
    I still haven't heard anything from H. so I'm going to move this from here to Docs site where we won't have to wait to get something going.

    The holdup was in trying to get permission to make the offer here so the largest number of people looking for a Squier could see it.

    He was generous enough to offer, and I'm more that ready to take him up on it. Going there will eliminate the extra $ needed when offering help through Ebay.

    Go here for details and contact info if you still want a Squier and live outside the U.S....

    I'll still be around here daily, or every few days at the least, if you want or need to contact me.

    August 2011
  • gamer1st
    I'm 44 years old, have been married for 22 years to the same great gal, and am the father of 2 teenaged boys.
    On the 360 I use 3 MadCatz wireless Fender wooden guitars, two in Sunburst and one in Candy Apple Red. I've modded them to play silently, (I can't stand clicking strumbars) and I use an overdrive stompbox. I also have, and play, up to expert level on the new Squier Strat on bass, and am working on Pro guitar as well. I also play keys.
    My normal play in RB3 is on expert and I score upper 90s - perfect on all but the hardest stuff. I've recently started playing the vocal parts, and can do pretty good as long as I'm not on my meds.
    I play RB3 on the 360 and have a library of just over 1000 songs at the moment.
    I've gone to extreme lengths to light my room when I play RB3 since I first tried a Stage Kit last year. You can see vids of how extreme on Youtube under the name Stevepxs, or on under the name Gamer1st.
    July 2011