• GNFfhqwhgads
    Settings -> Edit Signature -> type your stupid game requests -> save signature
    October 2011
  • Gamers_League
    GamersLeagueTV....SUBSCRIBE to me on Youtube. GL Weezy on XBox 360. I want a Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and a Dream Theater Rock Band more than anything, Plus they are the only bands that truly deserve it. I want DLC from Black Sabbath, King Crimson, ELP, Tool, Sublime, Radiohead, and YES.
    The MAIN REASON why the music game genre may or may not be a "falling knife" is because how brutally Guitar Hero abused the market over the past few years. Save us and the MUSIC Harmonix.......... Get Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin cause noone else will do them justice
    December 2010