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    December 2013
  • Beavers
    I still don't get how you do it: Making setlists without using songs that were in DLC. Cause I'm having a hard time doing it. Every time I think of a good song, it turns out it's either not Family Friendly, or it's in DLC. Plus, I'm trying to restrain myself from using songs in a foreign tongue. While I do like Radio Song by Superbus, as I mentioned, it's not in English.

    Still, I am starting to consider making two separate setlists. One for a more Family Friendly Rock Band, and one for regular. My regular setlist is definitely having Invisible Sun by the Police. IMO, it's one of their most underrated songs, plus it's a decent substitute for Policy of Truth by Depeche Mode as far as atmosphere goes. (Which is a DLC Song).
    December 2013