Our Xbox One crew is only 6 weeks old, but we are safe week after week in platinum ranking. Yes this is low, and sounds bad, but we only have two members. By our selves we stay in platinum rank, but we're looking to move up. The problem is we simply don't have a good singer(this has especially hurt for this weeks challenge), and we lack members to boost our Crew XP. With our guitar/bassist and our drum/bassist, we can't move very far ahead- so stuck in platinum until we get some more members. WE ARE ACCEPTING- Any vocalist(any difficulty, preferably Expert) Any other instrument(must be Expert) Feel free to bring a friend or two, we'll accept them, we just need more people to help move 'The Masters of Fate' ahead. We look forward to anyone that is interested. WHERE TO CONTACT US- Xbl- Impz VI Xbl- MrFez90 Twitter- iiimpz Thank you.


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