Playing rock band 4


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  • newcard12
    I'm very sorry I haven't gotten back on till now. No I am talking about rockband. I love it and I play everyday including that is how me and my wife met. I have been on leaderboards on rb3 and somewhat on rb4. I did have a lot of trouble with my calibration from 3 to 4. Different platforms, I know. I played rb3 cali was 0/0, rb4 is 175/25 and 1.5× track speed. I do at times don't understand why they choose the music they choose. In all honesty this season challenge was kewl for the first week. After that what they defined the generation was bogus. Half the music I have never heard of, by no means am I implying that I know every song. No I don't but I do have a pretty extensive library that I have heard. I'm sorry my opinion was different from yours. At the end of the day when it comes to rockband let me know when you play online not only who randomly you can hook up with (Wait that's right you can't do that cause rb4 was hard to put online play on), let me when you hook up with a keys
    November 30