• Sandysmoke928
    You still looking for people for your crew? I got into a crew and we got promoted this week. But, there were only 3 people that were active. I scored 23,000 xp and to be honest, I probably could have scored more but the challenge wasn't my fav. I'm probably not going to be great at the spotlight songs though. I feel bad leaving the crew that I'm in, but I want to be more competitive!
    May 17
    • patricide1979
      I just filled a final spot last night, but I would be willing to kick my daughter from the crew as she rarely plays for xp and likes to help with spotlight (something she can do on my account without taking up another spot). Last week we had 7 active members. 3 of us did the bulk of the xp work (third overall on platinum with about 200 song plays between the 3 of us), the other 4 played some or posted nice spotlight scores. I think we finished 15th in platinum for spotlight. I doubt we will be making a run at bloodstone, but staying diamond is something we are totally capable of doing and have done several times. So, if you want me to kick my daughter (I say with a smile), I will do that and you can join the THE CHIPMUNKS, and we will be happy to have you.
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    May 13