• Re: DLC Discussion Thread: The Big One O!

    I’ve never been big on country either (except for Big Country, they’re cool), but I’ve always enjoyed playing the songs in RB because the charts (on drums anyway) have always been fun and unique. From the clips posted in the preview though, these not so much. It’ll be a game day decision for me.
  • Re: Industrial Bands

    My Industrial want list would include (more) songs from:
    A Split Second, (less mainstream songs from) Depeche Mode, Front 242, KMFDM (lol), MC 900 Foot Jesus, Ministry, My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult, Nitzer Ebb, and Prong.
  • Re: NFL / College Football Seasons

    Fly, Eagles, Fly!
  • Re: WRUDRN 2018: Deep Blues Traveller Something.... Bruther

    Fly, Eagles, Fly!
  • Re: Been outta the game for a bit...

    Might want to move this out of the support area of the forum as not many people generally stop by here, but I’ll try and answer what I can...
    First, welcome back (hopefully)..,

    2. I think you mean Beatles (not Doors) as those were just songs in RB3, Beatkes had its own game :)

    3 if you were in PS3 before and are migrating to PS4 (not originally Xbox moving to PS4) and you exported all the games before (didn’t just own them, but actually paid to export) then everything you previously had including nearly all your DLC if any, but not the Beatles, will be accessible to you (according to HMX, Beatles will “never” export to the regular game series). If you had the other games on Xbox before, they won’t be available on PS4.

    4. The original RB4 does not have online. You have to get the Rivals edition for that... but it’s well worth it IMO for all the extra content you get. Also, the current version of online play ONLY works with people on your friends list.... but HMX is supposedly working on a new version that will have something sounding like lobbies to meet up with other “random” players to be available sometime early this year... you have to have purchased Rivals for this to work as well... and it’s possible there will be another cost increase (?).

    5. Most (almost all?) Instruments from PS3 will work on PS4... but no keys anymore... and stock drum cymbals I think are a little different... not sure exactly how or what as I use an ekit.

    That’s all I got..., hopefully it helps and / or others jump in with anything I missed or misspoke.

    Best of luck!