• Re: Thanks Harmonix

    Thank you Harmonix, keep on rocking your games in the future as I am.
  • Re: Which Xbox do you want for Dance Central 4?

    Xbox 360
  • What will Dance Central 4 have?

    1. Music Videos
    2. Practice Mode (DJ: Dance Central Spotlight)
    3. Story Mode
    4. Crews
  • Re: What will Dance Central 4 have?

    For me, one of the most wonderful things I want to see happen is only another all-female crew (we already have Hi Def and MOC as the only two all-male crews, and I would love to see some new female characters after Flash4ward). Either they're both warrior alien people, or one of them could be Indian or Muslim (not sure how to make the other female dancer, though probably want to see someone in prothesis)
    We should like bring all of the Dance Central crews back, but good feedback.
  • Re: Rock Band Turns 5 Years Old! Stories From The Community

    Happy 5th B-Day Rock Band!!

    I'm so excited about Rock Band's 5 Year B-Day, it was so memorable for Harmonix. I got into Guitar Hero since I have it on my birthday. In 2009, I went my friend's house to play video games, he has a PS3. I have a Wii to play video games. My friend wants to play RB1 with Zoe and me. I got very good in Guitar Hero with the guitar & played the drums & vocals on the game. My favorite part of the game was the percussion notes that make a tambourine, clapping and a cowbell. When parents want to get Guitar Hero World Tour at Toys R' Us, we feel excited about the band bundle. I got TB:RB, L:RB, GD:RB & RB3 for the Wii and the full series (including Rock Band Blitz) on Xbox 360 at Gamestop. I was really good into Rock Band after Guitar Hero had brought me here.

    Thank you Harmonix for creating Rock Band for me. Keep your spirit in your voices and your heart.