• Re: What big band do you think it will be.

    Pink Floyd released the classic albums: "The Dark Side Of The Moon", "Wish You Were Here", "Animals" and "The Wall". They released their final album, "The Endless River".

  • Re: RB4 Venues Suggestions

    Apollo Theater (New York, NY)
    Carnegie Hall (New York, NY)
    Embassy Theatre (Fort Wayne, IN)
    Orpheum Theatre (San Francisco, CA Or Boston, MA)
    Fox Theatre (Atlanta, GA)
    Radio City Music Hall (New York, NY)
    Sydney Opera House (Sydney, Australia)
  • Re: What will Rock Band 4 have?

    Whats the latest on RB4 even happening anyway? and would it be XBox ONE/Next Gen or all platforms?
    I think it will be on all platforms: Seventh and eighth generation consoles.
  • Re: What will Rock Band 4 have?

    Vehicle Customization (Tour Bus / Plane)
    @capt50 - Oh. This seems like a minor thing for the visuals. If we're talking modifiying Rock Band 3 then yeah let's throw this in there, it's like the tattoo feature for the avatars. It would be "neat".
    Ok. Good Idea.
  • Re: *Characters for Dance Central Spotlight*

    Riptide: Emila & Bodie
    Flash4wrd: Taye & Lil T
    Lu$h: Angel & Miss Aubrey
    Hi-Def: Mo & Glitch
    DCI: Rasa & Lima
    MOC: Oblio & Dr. Tan
    D-Coy: Dare & McCoy
    D-Cypher: Cyph-56 & Cyph-78
    The Glitteratti: Kerith & Jaryn