• Re: 11 Free Tracks from Local Bands headed to Rock Band Rivals

    This is great for those that want these, but not all of us want these songs.
    I don't want these songs, just like I didn't want the last free bunch of songs. Stop FORCING them on us, make it optional. Is that so hard!?

    This is twice now that we have been forced to receive songs from nothing bands. At this point since there isn't anyway to remove them, I will have no choice but to remove revivals all together to get rid of them.

    If I had a way to properly hide the music it wouldn't be so bad, but your current way is broke, just like it was in RB3. If it is easy to accidentally hide a song, then the feature is a failure.
  • Re: How do I remove the 12 free songs?

    man if you think all 12 songs are trash then you must have very narrow music tastes...
    Actually I have wide taste in music. Her is a sample of music I like. The Beatles, Avenged Sevenfold, Alan Jackson, Lady Gaga, Nirvana, Kiss, Twisted Sister, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Marylin Manson, Foo Fighters, Gun's N Roses, Garth Brookes, Lynyrd Skynyrd, AC/DC, Eminem, Avril Lavigne, etc.

    My tastes are wide, but when I don't like something I don't like it, and I didn't like any of those songs.

    It sucks that my library is starting filling up music I don't want again! We should be given a choice on whether we want free songs or not. For those who want them, great let them download and enjoy them. I am sure I wasn't the only one who does want these new songs!

    I guess I will have to hide them, at least the hiding songs option this time around is harder to accidentally tag songs as 1 rating and hide them by mistake. Harder, but not impossible sadly.

  • Re: How do I remove the 12 free songs?

    Yes I take the hiding songs statement back. I just hid the 12 songs and if you are hiding songs while signed into vocals all you need to do is move the stick sideways to rate it, I didn't realize this and it is super was to accidentally hide songs on vocals.

    I don't understand how Harmonix can't do this right. It didn't work right for RB3, you would have though they would have did it right this time. All they need to do is make a separate option in the user menu to list all songs with check marks boxes that you can check or not, and if you check a song, it will be hidden from everything, None of this hiding 1 rated songs stupidity.
  • How do I remove the 12 free songs?

    So it seems the 12 free songs were forced on me, and I don't want any of them. I listened to them all and they are all trash.

    I appreciate that you offered 12 free songs to the rival owners, but your shouldn't have forced them on your players, you need to let people make a choice and whether they want them or not.

    I want them gone from my library. I took me years to get rid of the trash songs you forced on us in the past, and now it is happening again.

    I went through the storage for RB4 and the songs aren't listed there, so how to I get rid of them?

  • Re: Lets talk about Rock Band 4 as a platform

    Wow, did anyone even read my post? I never said that I expected online mode to be free.

    What I said was that Harmonix said that they would be adding free updates to the base game, and they have, such as brutal mode. Also it has been recently stated on the Rock Band Facebook page by Harmonix, that the base game will only get bug and security fixes going forward and to get any more of the free upgrades to the base game you will need the expansion.

    So my original point still stands...to get any of the base game free addons, I am forced to by an expansion.

    I don't have any problem about buying an expansion as long as it has content that I want, and when it doesn't have content that I want I don't wish to buy it. In this case the expansion doesn't have any content that I want, but I am forced to buy it regardless just to keep the base game expanding over time.