• Re: RB4 Online terrible... friends only

    Matchmaking was the heart of rock band... in don't mind kicking players who do have my dlc.. the game is good as far as looks and programing for online just add a matchmaking button and a lobby screen to see who has dlc and who doesnt.. like it shows u when I invite your friends (DLC in common)... why no just do this when making online instead of friends only..
  • Re: RB4 Online terrible... friends only

    With out matchmaking rock band 4 is loss... waste of my money for the expansion... and maybe but the list is growing everyday...
  • Re: RB4 Online terrible... friends only

    Then why didn't they do this from the get go then... not going with matchmaking was a terrible idea... thousands agree...
  • Re: Online Quickplay is Out Now for Rock Band Rivals!

    To bad it's friends only.... no matchmaking no more 1 bottom multiplayer now u have to waste time inviting friends to play with.. when I met all my friends threw matchmaking... sorry harmonix just this alone is a fail.... with out a rock band 3 style multiplayer rock band 4 is terrible,
  • RB4 Online terrible... friends only

    I waited 4 months for a online feature for rock band 4 only to find out it's friends only... rock band 3 multiplayer was perfect cuz u can find people to play with... guess they missed that

    Being able to find band mates was awesome and not have scroll threw friends to invite when all it took was 1 bottom to go online and play with people... I met most of my friends threw online why did harmonix take this away?