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    @EliBell1 I disagree, let's have more alt-charting! Maximize the fun, if they make the chart more interesting I say it's worth doing. I wish they would go back and put the keys parts into the blank spaces of RB3-era guitar charts so it's just not just sitting there waiting, in the interest of increasing playability. Accuracy be damned, we're already switching guitars if there's more than one, let's not be too beholden to accuracy.
    You just described my worst nightmare with the section in bold. RB3 was the golden age of RB charting for me due to the keys chart taking on all of the non-guitar instruments. Glorious guitar breaks everywhere!

    Heck, even the majority of RB1 and RB2 disc and DLC songs didn't chart non-guitar parts to the guitar chart. That was always more of a GH thing.

    What's wrong with being able to have a moment to relax and just enjoy listening to the song? Why do I have to be a one-man band? Leave the pianos, harmonicas, and horns to the band member that is offstage somewhere.
    I agree, except for in special cases like "Helena Beat" and "Tainted Love" and "Superstition" where the guitar track is already 100% alt charting, so you may as well swap to the far more interesting and playable keys charts.
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    Alt-charting makes sense in a song like "Fever" where most people would want to be playing the main riff on lead guitar, and I bet some people even think it is a guitar because of how it sounds.

    I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but I specifically get irked by it when the guitar is emulating the sounds of a straight up piano, when it's synth or something with more effects on it it seems a little more natural to be coming from a guitarish instrument, but the sounds of piano keys being press as my on-screen dude air strums along is weirdly jarring.

    That being said I haven't played the new songs yet so I don't know how good/bad it is this time.
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    We are long past the point of not getting big songs due to lack of interesting charts. Regardless, all the DropMix Hip-Hop songs inherently have separated stems and most of them have instrumentation arguably more interesting than a lot of songs we've gotten in the last year or so. It's also just a pretty under-repped genre, somehow Vanilla Ice made it in so Salt-N-Pepa or Sean Paul (who is already in the game!) isn't really so much of a stretch I think.
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    Probably getting both, always in for more MB20, hope "Real World" comes next.
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    Anything by The Strokes would have me ecstatic at this point. Really holding out hope for the "Rock" week. Super sucks that they'll probably never get a pack at this rate.