• Re: December 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: "Season's" Greetings

    I hated almost everything from last December, so less of that please.
    Seriously, last December sucked. Off the Charts 5 and New Years 2017 packs were both trash, plus we got more from The Weeknd and that Twenty One Pilots "pack."
    As a Twenty One Pilots fan, their "pack" was one of the biggest disappointments.

    I wish we could turn back time to the good old days, when we got 3 new songs a week. We used to complain that we were ONLY getting 3 a week :/
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    An Aerosmith, U2 or Van Halen 6-pack would be SO very welcome around the holidays.
    We can dream.
    I'd honestly rather see a different band get a large pack. Especially not Aerosmith again. More U2 or Van Halen would be cool, but I'm not the biggest fan of either, so I wouldn't exactly be over the moon for a six pack.

    Off the top of my head, I'd love to get large packs from Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, or Rolling Stones.
    I cant believe seeing a triple A band anytime soon to be honest. The decades theme in November especially 80 and 90s was very frust rating to me.
    We JUST got Radiohead last month
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    Whatever it is I would really just love more than one NEW song each week. I don't care when they do and don't release rewinds but I would really love some choices. It's kind of a bummer to check the new music for a week and have it turn into "Oh you like this song? No? Nothing for you this week then."
    And I realize not every week will have something for me, but only having 1 new song severely limits the chances of me actually having something to buy.

    If I hadn't bought the spotlight pass then I'd have skipped the last two weeks because they gave country and metal, two genres that are 'pass' territory for me more often than not, and didn't give any kind of alternative for a Rock Band veteran who already owns rewind releases.

    That all being said, I still think they've been killing it with DLC lately, the quantity sucks but the quality has been awesome, so hopefully that keeps up at the very least.
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    Wow, major bummer. My most anticipated decade got two weeks and both times I have not cared at all about the spotlight song. Maybe next week will be better for me, but yay for those who missed metal, here's your 1 song this season.
  • Re: Harmonix band appreciation thread

    Rob The Prez-O-Dent is a certified jam.

    I do like me some Bosstones as well.