• Re: Major XB1 fall system update available now! (How is RB4 doing post-update?)

    I've had the update from the Preview Program for like a month and haven't had any of those problems. RB seems largely unchanged for me, but the dashboard is WAY faster now so navigating DLC under the "Manage Game" tab is easier than ever.
  • Re: October 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Scary Monsters and Nice FCs

    Since CHVRCHES was in drop mix, I’m hoping we get a pack with “Mother We Share”
    I’d assume we’d get Leave A Trace in that pack? Love that song.
    What would a third song be?
    I love their deluxe version song Bow Down but that’s extremely unlikely lol
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    My personal ideal P!nk pack would be:

    "So What"
    "Stupid Girls"
    "U + Ur Hand"

    Though if we did get another P!nk pack they would definitely ruin it and put "Just Like Fire" in there. Luckily they did a pretty great job with the 7 songs we've already gotten from her.
    Also holy s*** I had no idea P!nk had so many hits, 7 songs and we could very feasibly get a good amount more with their popularity.

    Funny we have this discussion now, when the forum-goers of yesteryear mostly showed disdain towards the announcement of the P!nk 4-pack back when that happened.
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    I'd love to see Losing Touch and Human too eventually.
    "Losing Touch" is such an amazing song that I'd love to have in the game, but I definitely don't see it happening.

    Even as an album promotion it was super weird Guitar Hero got that one in the pack instead of something like "Spaceman"

    Don't make the same mistake twice Harmonix! Get "The Man" while it's hot! Before it's too late!
    ...or we can keep pretending Hot Fuss is the only album with good material left on it... I mean honestly I'd take more from The Killers either way.

    Also a couple random thoughts:
    -I don't expect it but "Feel It Still" by Portugal. The Man would probably sell pretty well since it's lightin' up the charts these days
    -I would be shocked as hell if packs come back and we don't get Imagine Dragons 01. "Believer" has been in the top 5 of the Hot Rock Charts for the last 32 weeks! And most of those weeks it's been #1! I'm saying the week of February 18th was the last time it wasn't top 5! Even crazier is that 18 out of the last 19 weeks have had not only "Believer" but also "Thunder" somewhere in the top 5. Grab those two and throw "Demons" in to round out a 3-pack that will surely print money.
    -According to the in-game classifications, Harmonix has only released 5 New Wave songs as paid DLC since RB4's release. This breaks my heart, we're long overdue for more!
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    Since packs haven't been confirmed to be a continued thing.. I say at most we will see "maybe" once a month. Not a weekly thing.

    *Edit: Lol i'm so dumb. I read some of the above post as this month's predictions. Sorry i'm tired. :X*
    Realism is absolutely no fun.

    Week 3 - The Killers Pack 02
    "The Man"
    "Run For Cover"
    "When You Were Young" (rewind)

    Week 4 - Coldplay Pack 02
    "Birds" (rewind)

    And those are my totally realistic expectations for the second half of October, and don't you dare rain on my parade.
    I would switch out Run for Cover with Read my Mind just because i NEEEEEED Read My Mind. ;)
    Can we make it a 4 pack?

    That's a good Coldplay pack though.

    I'll stop raining on parades. Pack-pride people! :p <3 <3 <3 <3 o:) </blockquote>

    We could fill several packs with what we're missing from them (same with Coldplay for that matter):
    We still need "Runaways" "Human" "The Man" "Run For Cover" "Jenny Was A Friend of Mine" "Read My Mind" "Bones" "For Reasons Unknown" "Shadowplay" "All The Pretty Faces" "Shot At The Night"......
    Damn, Jenny really should've been a RB3 disc song, it's a crime that we'll never be able to play that sweet synth on the keyboard.