• Re: is rock band 4 going to be on the nintendo switch?

    Waluigi would play the keytar
  • Re: is rock band 4 going to be on the nintendo switch?

    If Rock Band 4 was already a massive hit, I could see them porting it to Switch; but the reality is they've been limping along on Xbox One and PS4. They're not even manufacturing peripherals for the two consoles RB4 is on anymore, why would they want to add a third at this point?
    Agreed. Look how big the Wii fanbase was too.. nowhere near PS3/Xbox360. I'd be a financial flop for them which they do not need at the moment.
    Wii base was small? Crazy, pretty sure most Guitar Heroes sold best on Wii after Legends of Rock. The Switch is a big hit, it's possible Rock Band could find a new audience there but I don't know if the risk is worth it and even if they thought it was I can't really picture them finding any partners who'd agree.

    Portable full-fledged (by RB4 standards) Rock Band though? That's pretty awesome, highly situational but still cool.
  • Re: November 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Rock Band Turns 10

    Alright, we've got evidence that DLC may not completely be the decade of the certain challenge.
    As long as we release a game that week.
    You got any games based on The Killers in development right now? Asking for a friend.
  • Re: A Quick Update

    Is anyone expecting an expansion being teased/announced on stream?

    Just curious where expectations are for this
  • Re: Which artists in Rock Band have you seen in real life?

    Just saw The Flaming Lips last night. I only knew like 3 of their songs and didn't expect to be entertained as this was a gift for my wife's step father and I was only going "along for the ride."

    Never again will I judge. Wow, they put on one hell of a show and their rendition of Bowie's "Space Oddity" was amazing.
    Felt the same way when I saw them! Only song I knew at the time was Yoshimi from Rock Band 3, they put on a hell of a concert. Lead singer pulled out some giant foam hands and used them to shoot lasers at a disco ball at one point while a giant screen with a naked orange lady banging a ride cymbal looped in the background. Super trippy stuff.