• Gear up, rock out! Rock Band VR is Available Now on Oculus Rift!

    The time is finally here to get on stage in the virtual world and take a dive into rock’n’roll fantasy like never before – Rock Band VR is officially available today for Oculus Rift!

    We’re stoked to share this unique experience with you. Enter the world of Oculus Rift and gear up for an unforgettable campaign, starring YOU! Try not to get stage fright; while you’re out there impressing the crowd, you’ll still be scored for your chord shapes, formations, and combos. Craving more information? We’ve got just the video to break it down for you.

    We also feature the beloved Rock Band console gameplay in Rock Band VR’s Classic Mode. In Classic Mode, you’ll be able to play any song on the Rock Band VR setlist using the same 5 lane gameplay you know and love. Here’s how it works:

    Did we mention that Rock Band VR comes fully stocked with 60 killer tunes? Songs from some of the greatest artists in rock’n’roll history are yours to perform as you take on the world with your band. With one of the best Rock Band game setlists to date, there’s something for everyone to bob their head to, and tap their feet. There’ll even be new DLC for Rock Band VR, coming next week! Stay tuned for details on availability.

    So, are you ready to embark on your newest musical journey? Your bandmates are itching to begin. It’s time to meet them! Derek, the leader of your band, has heard of your musical prowess and can’t wait to introduce you to the rest of the crew. Maddy, the calm and collected bassist of Autoblaster, and Wes, the spontaneous goofball of a drummer, will be right by your side throughout each and every show. Rock Band VR producer Katie Naka shares some more campaign secrets on our recent blog!

    It’s time to get your things together, because this ride is just about to start. If you need any help getting your gear in check, and making sure you’ve got everything tuned just right, be sure to head over to our Rock Band VR Knowledgebase for helpful tips and tricks.

    It’s just about time to rock…we’ll see you in Rock Band VR!

  • HMX Forums Update - Registered Users now require Admin Approval

    Hello everyone,

    Due to some immediate and unrelenting spam to our Forums, we are making a slight change to the way that new users sign up here. Starting today, all new user registrations will require admin approval before having full access to our boards.

    We hope that this is only a temporary change, and can return to our basic registration as soon as possible. While we continue to sort out issues with spamming, we'll keep admin approval on for any (real) user that wants to join our Forums.

    For those here who are returning to the Forums, your account and information should not change at all in this process.

    If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to myself, @HMXJosh, or any one of our amazing Forums Moderators. Thanks all for your understanding. :)


  • Re: Dance Central Entitlements and Exports Re-Licensing Thread

    Hi Dancers!

    Another quick update for folks: "Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water On 'Em)" by Busta Rhymes will be coming down from the Dance Central: Spotlight store on or before January 27th - that's next Friday! Be sure to grab this track while you can, as the 27th is not a hard date, and this content can come down before then based on Xbox submissions and timelines.

    That's all for now!
  • Re: Harmonix probably just lost a returning customer

    Okay, not the most positive thread. We're sorry you weren't able to export your legacy discs back in the day, but this is out of our control.

    Closing down.
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread - Week of 12/13: Off the Charts 05!

    with a 12-meter pole.
    Do you know how hard that would be to leverage 36 feet of POLE just to poke something? Might as well make it 10 ft.