• Re: Dance Central Entitlements and Exports Re-Licensing Thread

    Hi Dancers!

    Another quick update for folks: "Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water On 'Em)" by Busta Rhymes will be coming down from the Dance Central: Spotlight store on or before January 27th - that's next Friday! Be sure to grab this track while you can, as the 27th is not a hard date, and this content can come down before then based on Xbox submissions and timelines.

    That's all for now!
  • Re: Harmonix probably just lost a returning customer

    Okay, not the most positive thread. We're sorry you weren't able to export your legacy discs back in the day, but this is out of our control.

    Closing down.
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread - Week of 12/13: Off the Charts 05!

    with a 12-meter pole.
    Do you know how hard that would be to leverage 36 feet of POLE just to poke something? Might as well make it 10 ft.
  • Re: European PS4: Still waiting on entitlement fixes and delisted tracks... Bueller...

    I'm going to keep this very short and succinct.

    We're working on SIEE entitlements on our end.

    We cannot detail further because we are a business and we are under NDA. Violating any portion of that calls for immediate removal of the employee in question. I, as an individual, will not do that and we, as a business entity, will not do that. There are no further details we can provide without violating a legal contract; we're not doing it.

    We are sorry this is the current state of entitlements on your end, and we sympathize with you. But until any of this sees movement, this is where we are.

    It's been literal pages upon pages in this thread of people arguing without any movement being made, because movement can only be made with Harmonix and Sony. I completely understand you are upset, and keeping constant communication with you is what we can provide.

    Everything HMXOwl said was right; we're working on it, we sympathize, and there are no more updates to give until something changes from the last update we gave.

    I don't have any intentions to shut down this thread but it is not in anyone's best interest to flare up at others here who are feeling just as disgruntled as you are. Be civil. We are trying our best.

  • Re: Forum Regulars Crew, Xbox Edition

    Awesome! Not sure why the My Stats screen says my favorite instrument is guitar, when it is pro drums. Is there a way to change that, @HMXCrisis ? Crew roster shows me with a 1 and guitar icon as a result.
    It's because you've played guitar the most. Favorite instrument is automatically given based on which instrument you play the most of.