• Re: Gear up, rock out! Rock Band VR is Available Now on Oculus Rift! [Discussion Thread]

    I hope I get to try this out sometime soon. I haven't read about it being demo'd at local superstores or anything, or is there something about that in the trailer and I'm now going to get zinged for commenting before watching it?
    Oculus detailed it in their blog!


    "Demos will be available at select Microsoft Store locations starting March 27, so you can get in some stage time before officially joining the band."
  • Re: RockBandAide's PAX East 2017 interview with Harmonix (RB4, entitlements, RBVR, DropMix and more!)

    This went from pineapple on pizza to Skid Row...I love you guys.

    Yes, I like pineapple on my pizza. Let me be clear that it's only when eating hawaiian pizza, and let me be DOUBLE clear that as a true born-and-raised New Yorker, I only settle for hawaiian when I can't get the unbelievably amazing quality NY pizza I grew up with. You don't put toppings on NY pizza, that sh*t is so good by itself.

    So, how 'bout that interview, yea?
  • Re: Rock Band Rivals: Xbox Collections Sale, February 2017 [Discussion Thread]

    @HMXCrisis, Criss! Criss! Criss! Criss!




    IT WAS!


  • Re: Rock Band 4 - Marketplace Tracking - Official Update Thread

    Hello hello!

    You know when I'm back here posting, it can (mostly) only be good news (because we love you). I've got some good news to share!

    Green Day: Rock Band and Green Day: Rock Band Plus exports are available to download for PS4 players in EU!

    Our Marketplace Tracker has been updated with a Knowledgebase link to help get you started on the download. Because this is an expired export (the saddest face emoji), only those who previously purchased the export can get it at this time.

    Until the next (totally gonna be good news) post!

  • Rock Band VR's Final Setlist and First DLC Reveal [Discussion Thread]

    Rock Band VR Soundtrack Reveal 3

    Rock Band VR is just days away from being available on Oculus Rift! On March 23rd, it’s time to grab your guitar, get on stage and show the world what you’re made of. As you master Rock Band VR’s new performance gameplay and make your way through Rock Band’s most immersive campaign ever you’ll develop your own signature sound as you play through one of the best Rock Band soundtracks we’ve ever released. With that, it’s time to reveal the final 19 tracks:

    Band of Horses – “Casual Party”
    The Black Cheers – “(You're) Breakin' Up”
    blink-182 – “Bored To Death”
    Blondfire – “True Confessions”
    Disturbed – “Down With The Sickness”
    Dream Theater – “Pull Me Under”
    Fleetwood Mac – “Go Your Own Way”
    The Go-Go's – “We Got The Beat”
    The Hunna – “You & Me”
    Kaleo – “Glass House”
    Kings of Leon – “Use Somebody”
    Pierce The Veil – “Circles”
    Ramones – “I Wanna Be Sedated”
    Rage Against The Machine – “Testify”
    Rush – “Freewill (Vault Edition)”
    Survivor – “Eye of the Tiger”
    Tracy Bonham – “Mother Mother”
    Weezer – “Say It Ain't So”
    The Who – “Won't Get Fooled Again”

    It’s a tremendous list and, together with the previously announced 41 songs, a killer soundtrack. If you’re planning on topping the Rock Band VR leaderboards you better start brushing up on your chord changes now. Here’s a handy Spotify playlist so you can start rocking out your research.

    Speaking of leaderboards, traditional Rock Band gameplay will have its own dedicated leaderboards at launch in Classic Mode. Here’s a look at how we brought the five-button lanes you all know and love to virtual reality:

    Rock Band VR - Classic Mode

    Of course, when it comes to Rock Band, the great music doesn’t end with the soundtrack – let’s talk DLC. Rock Band VR will receive additional tracks so that you’ll always have great new music to master. First up are six tracks from Aerosmith which will be available for $2.99 per track in the Oculus Store:

    Aerosmith – “Angel”
    Aerosmith – “Crazy”
    Aerosmith – “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”
    Aerosmith – “Janie's Got A Gun”
    Aerosmith – “Livin' On The Edge”
    Aerosmith – “Rag Doll”

    Aerosmith is one of the greatest bands of all time and these six tracks (in addition to “Walk This Way” from the core soundtrack) would make the perfect setlist for you to channel your inner rock star and work the virtual stage.

    That’s it for now, but remember to follow Rock Band on Twitter + Facebook for the latest on Rock Band VR DLC.

    See you on stage!

    The full list is OUT. What do you think?