• Re: Introducing Our Next Game: DropMix [the Discussion Thread]

    great just went out and bought rb4 and all the dumb gadgets to play on xbox...
    Welcome to the family! We're almost six months out from when that comment was made, and Rock Band is still going strong! We just finished the first Season in the new Rivals Seasons mode, we just dropped 83 new missions into the game last Thursday, we just dropped two free songs for Rivals owners last week, with two more coming this week, Season 2 starts in nine days, and we've still got new DLC hitting the store every week.

    I wouldn't worry about your purchase. Thanks for joining us, and enjoy the game. :)
  • Re: June 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Summer "Rock"stice

    There's actually no DLC this week, we're not trying to throw you off by only posting it here. We're waiting on some details to settle for something else before we make broader announcements.
  • Re: DLC Discussion Thread: Rock Band DLC Announced for January

    Hey guys, remember that time you took a little hint and took it to be something much bigger than it was? We're not announcing a new mode on Tuesday. It's still a fun announcement though, keep an eye out. ;)
  • Re: Hello, Is It XP You're Looking For? -- Upcoming changes to the XP system, and dealing with cheaters!

    ok i'm just gonna have to be the one to say this.

    How do you know for sure that these crews cheated and not just played the same song for 24 hours straight? I mean i've played sessions of that length before.
    We're not going to share exactly how we detect cheaters (Because that could illustrate where additional loopholes might lie), but trust that we're definitely looking at someone grinding on the same song for most of a day and a cheater differently.
  • Re: A Message to All Crews That Plan on Competing in Rivals for XP (From Former #3 Spot)

    We specifically designed the XP system in Rivals to not work this way. There's some tweaking to the XP system we're talking about after seeing real-world behavior of how people played last week, but we never want to be in a place that low-skilled players feel like they can't contribute (Which would technically be the same for really high-skilled players, too, if you already have high-scoring FCs that are really hard to beat). It would punish casual and hardcore players most, rewarding mid-tier players, and encouraging sandbagging on scores (If people think grinding Charlene over and over isn't fun, think about what sandbagging would do).

    There are a few options we're throwing around, but some amount of XP should be awarded for every play of a song, and I really don't think we'll ever deviate from that. Making it only work on high scores would be too close to the way Spotlight Scores function, and we designed these as two entirely different systems.
    What if you get less xp for shorter songs, and more xp for longer song?
    That's one of the things we're talking about. We really want Rivals to be a reason to explore your entire library, playing songs that you might not play as often, or giving you a reason to bite the bullet on that song in your wishlist now that it's in the challenge (Without crossing over into pay-to-win territory, since that's a place all of us feel is icky).

    The fear with this is that this encourages you to play only songs you know you can FC, or gold star, or whatever the ceiling is on your skill level. In all likelihood, there won't be a single small tweak to the system -- If we make changes at all, it'll probably be a pretty significant change, while still keeping in mind the goals we want to accomplish with the XP system.