• Re: Hello, Is It XP You're Looking For? -- Upcoming changes to the XP system, and dealing with cheaters!

    ok i'm just gonna have to be the one to say this.

    How do you know for sure that these crews cheated and not just played the same song for 24 hours straight? I mean i've played sessions of that length before.
    We're not going to share exactly how we detect cheaters (Because that could illustrate where additional loopholes might lie), but trust that we're definitely looking at someone grinding on the same song for most of a day and a cheater differently.
  • Re: A Message to All Crews That Plan on Competing in Rivals for XP (From Former #3 Spot)

    Hey all, just a quick update: Just walked out of a meeting with all stakeholders today. We have a tentative plan that we need to run by a few people that would need to do the work, but we feel really good about how these tweaks to the XP system would do a better job at discouraging grinding on any individual song.

    We'll share more details as things come together here, which we're hoping to move really quickly on.
  • Re: Rock Band DLC Re-licensing Info - Updated Quarterly

    Hey everyone, another quick relicensing update before I head to PAX: These songs will be removed from the Music Store in The Beatles: Rock Band on May 5th.
    • The Beatles - "All You Need Is Love"
    • The Beatles - "Because"
    • The Beatles - "Her Majesty"
    • The Beatles - "The End"
    • The Beatles - "Maxwell’s Silver Hammer"
    • The Beatles - "Oh! Darling"
    • The Beatles - "You Never Give Me Your Money"
    • The Beatles - "Golden Slumbers"
    • The Beatles - "Carry That Weight"
    • The Beatles - "Polythene Pam"
    • The Beatles - "She Came In Through The Bathroom Window"
    • The Beatles - "Sun King"
    • The Beatles - "Mean Mr. Mustard"
    • The Beatles - "A Day In the Life"
    • The Beatles - "Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite!"
    • The Beatles - "Fixing A Hole"
    • The Beatles - "Lovely Rita"
    • The Beatles - "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)"
    • The Beatles - "She's Leaving Home"
    • The Beatles - "When I’m Sixty Four"
    • The Beatles - "Within You Without You"
    • The Beatles - "Girl"
    • The Beatles - "In My Life"
    • The Beatles - "Michelle"
    • The Beatles - "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)"
    • The Beatles - "Nowhere Man"
    • The Beatles - "Run For Your Life"
    • The Beatles - "The Word"
    • The Beatles - "Think For Yourself"
    • The Beatles - "Wait"
    • The Beatles - "What Goes On"
    • The Beatles - "You Won’t See Me"
    You know the drill -- if you own any of these songs, you can keep playing them, and this doesn't affect those songs for you.
  • Re: European PS4: 2112

    That's just lazy
    They have a "community manager"
    That person has a responsibility to inform all of the community. To their detriment, Harmonix use Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and here - their own Official Forum Page.
    When Harmonix has news they wish to tell, they should go to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and the Official Forum Page for each and every instance. They should not dump a titbit on twitter and hope that someone else will cut/paste it elsewhere for them. That's THEIR job. It's what they get paid to do.

    I thank @zabigg for being the excited one, but @HMXJosh is the Harmonix employee who should have posted it.

    Lazy, p*ss poor communication.
    The delay between posting it on Twitter and it showing up here was one minute. I posted it on Twitter, then I posted it on Facebook, and by then it had already showed up here and Reddit. Should I have opened four windows, typed out each post ahead of time, then quickly gone between each tab clicking "post" as fast as I can just to be sure that I was the one to post it each time? That's the only way I could hope to beat you guys to the post in getting it here first.

    On top of that, I've said this elsewhere, but different channels are good for different things. You say that for each and every instance of news, every channel should get it straight from us. It's much easier for things to get buried on the forums and Reddit unless they're a new thread (and I'm not making a new thread for every piece of information, because that has other issues). Facebook can't get everything either, because of the way that Facebook posting works (They use an algorithm that's called EdgeRank, and if we post too much, our posts get seen by fewer people). Twitter is great for posting quick, one-off bits of news like this. If they weren't getting cross-posted to other channels and everyone else was in the dark, it would definitely be worth rethinking our communication strategy, but until that's the case, I'm honestly not too worried about it.
  • Re: Rock Band 4 - April Update Patch Notes

    A company's official site should be where official news,.info etc is posted then put a link on those OTHER sites to bring people to the OFFICIAL site ... That's how business is done correctly.

    If I want information regarding instructions for something i dont understand when filing my tax return, I sure as hell dont go to Facebook. If i wan t to see information on NASA's latest telescope beingg built why would I even CONTEMPLATE a source that's not their official voice?
    I've talked about this before, and it's a really hard balance to find. We're posting a lot of things side-by-side (For example, this patch notes thread we're posting in right now), but for some more off-the-cuff stuff or fleeting info (servers are coming down for a few hours, for example), where do we put that? Do we start a new thread? Do we put it in a thread where it's buried? Do we make an announcement that some people don't see? Or do we put it on our Twitter/FB, which "feels" like a much more appropriate place for it, knowing that it'll disperse through the rest of our channels on its own.

    I think the taxes analogy is pretty accurate, and we do keep support-related issues on our site (Not forums, but through our knowledgebase), but I don't think the NASA one holds up. They're really active across even more social networks than we are, and they're sharing behind-the-scenes stuff on Snapchat, blogging on Tumblr, etc. They have different audiences on every channel, and they tailor the content they publish to each audience.

    To be perfectly honest, our forums represents the smallest portion of our community, by a landslide. It's really hard to justify a "forums-first" approach when the number of active users here is literally in the low hundreds per month vs. thousands or tens of thousands that we see on other channels (I'm not talking about Facebook/Twitter/Reddit as a whole, I'm talking about the people that engage with us via our accounts). On top of that, I know that a notable chunk of those hundreds are also on other channels, just from seeing the same usernames on Twitter/Reddit. I know that there are some people that will never use Reddit, Facebook, or Twitter, but those numbers are much smaller than the people that won't ever create a forums account.

    It's not to say that we don't care about this group (or we wouldn't be here in the first place, posting things and engaging), it's that it's always going to be a balancing act, and we'll never pick one channel to always get everything first.