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    @HMXJosh did I understand discover packs right: to obtain a certain playlist or playlists, one has to buy a complete series of discover packs. Or can a single playlist be spread across multiple series?
    They can be spread across multiple series, but we plan to release multiple series together, so all cards in a playlist will be available together. (For example, Dapper, Seer, Hightower, and Puff are mixed through Series 1 & 2, and they'll be releasing at the same time)

    Also, for those looking to buy online, I've been hearing that many online retailers will be offering them in a bundle with the full series, so collectors can buy a full series of Discover Packs for $30.
  • As you may have heard...

    As you may have heard, Harmonix had a layoff today, and I'm sad to say that I'm one of the 14.

    It's a weird, sad day, and I couldn't say goodbye to Harmonix without saying something to all of you. I'll miss every one of you (well, maybe not the guy who called for my head impaled on a cymbal, but everyone else). Thanks for hanging on Twitch, in the Discord, and in threads here with me, as talking to the community was by far the best part of my job.

    You can keep in touch on twitter at @joshharrison.

    P.S. Despite this news, I promise the Rock Band roadmap isn't "RB is over." There's awesome stuff in store, and now I'll be watching to see what comes next alongside all of you.
  • Re: Deckbuilding questions

    You only have 80points to work with on 30 cards (or 40points on 15 cards for 4players) and can't exceed that to make a deck. Each level is a point - Level 1 = 1pt etc, and the Wild and White cards are worth 4pts.
    I think that might break the balance, though. a standard deck is 36 points, which is enough points to take a standard deck and just swap out the level one cards for level two cards, giving you the advantage against pre-built decks of never having the lower level cards that can't be played. and only allowing a standard deck player to use level one cards if the board is empty, or overtop of their own level one cards.
    It also leaves you more at risk of the Equalizer, though. Not only are 2's more likely to come up than 1's, but if you're only splitting your cards across two power levels instead of all three, then you're losing more points when your opponent hits, they're clearing more of your cards from the board (making more room for their 1's), etc.

    That's not to say you couldn't build a deck around higher powers, because that's absolutely a viable strategy, but there's absolutely an advantage to keeping a more balanced deck as well.
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    great just went out and bought rb4 and all the dumb gadgets to play on xbox...
    Welcome to the family! We're almost six months out from when that comment was made, and Rock Band is still going strong! We just finished the first Season in the new Rivals Seasons mode, we just dropped 83 new missions into the game last Thursday, we just dropped two free songs for Rivals owners last week, with two more coming this week, Season 2 starts in nine days, and we've still got new DLC hitting the store every week.

    I wouldn't worry about your purchase. Thanks for joining us, and enjoy the game. :)
  • Re: June 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Summer "Rock"stice

    There's actually no DLC this week, we're not trying to throw you off by only posting it here. We're waiting on some details to settle for something else before we make broader announcements.