• Re: June 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Summer "Rock"stice

    So my thinking so far (collating info from this thread)

    1. 625 (street address of old Cambridge office)
    2. 398 (Guitar difficulty of Aces High)
    3. 05? 08? (year thing that went over my head)
    4. 201 (red notes in Little White Church x-guitar)
    6. 783 (End of UPC of PS3 Classic Rock Track Pack)
    8. 869 (End of ID of Mark Mallman's RBN song)
    9. 80 (Endless Setlist -3?)

    On 5 and 7... I'm still feeling like the 'used to be king' and 'don't need me/outdated' point too strongly to Run To The Hills cover to put that down. But how to convert that to a number? 5 being "just like 7" could mean it's the RTTH original, but I can't make that work with the rest of the clue (or derive a number from it).
    I used my Cyber powers to verify. You have two of these correct.
  • Re: June 2017 DLC Prediction Thread: Summer "Rock"stice

    very easy
    If you think Dr. Erman didn't put brute force restrictions in her website, you sorely underestimated her.
  • Re: Every Song So Far

    This forces Harmonix to show their hand and start showing us new playlists instead of repeatedly using the starter packs.
    No it doesn't. ;)

    We'll announce new stuff when we're good and ready.
  • Re: Let us pick challenges II: Unofficially name the next HMX/RB community member's choice thread!

    Internal monologue: Sure, let's pick the first person that can get to two nominations.

    Reads thread...

    Welp, everyone just nominated themselves, so...
  • Re: Too Soon for Song Requests?

    There will be one or more from this list announced later. Not telling you which or how many. ;)

    (And a few others that I'm thinking "Damn, that'd be a great card!")
    @HMXJosh Mind telling us if those songs are from rock band or are they new songs?
    I do mind, yes. :wink: